Finding Time to be a Healthy Mommy

I was so elated yesterday before Lydia’s bath time. She lifted up my shirt and said, “Skinny!” I’m sure I beamed, even though she could just have easily said, “Needs to stop eating chips and dip!” Luckily, she said skinny, even if it isn’t … entirely … true. And while my goal physically is not to be “skinny,” I do wish to be healthy and fit. I don’t associate “healthy” with skinny, but I’d like my jeans to fit too.

As many moms find out, it’s more than difficult to get back to your pre-baby weight. I ate way too much when I was pregnant, I don’t really regret it, even if it is part of the post-baby weight state that I find myself fighting. I read a blog recently from a mom who’s daughter had asked her if she wanted to be skinny. It brought an important topic to light for me. I don’t want my daughter to grow up thinking that being skinny is important, but I do want her to make healthy choices. It’s difficult for me to guide her in these choices right now, she’s two and only wants milk, cheese, and since Christmas: CANDY. I do know it’s my job to provide healthy choices, however, and I need to take that seriously. I want her to know that eating healthy and feeling good are more important that the size of her clothes. Hopefully I’ll be able to instill this idea in her from a young age.

Getting up early, working out at night, and walking with friends during lunch at work have all been helpful ways of losing my baby weight. I try to be consistent, but it isn’t always easy. That blog post made me think about losing weight differently. I want to set a good example for my little girl and I want to be my healthiest self for her.

Eating healthfully and getting proper amounts of exercise are just a few ways that mommies can take care of themselves. It will make you feel better and in turn, make you into a better mommy. With the recent time change, I’ve made a decision to start taking my toddler out (weather permitting) for walks at night after dinner. I know the fresh air will help her sleep and the outdoor time together will be special.

How do you stay healthy? Is there a workout you enjoy? I love HIIT and PIYO! Blogilatis is my go-to Pilates workout!



4 thoughts on “Finding Time to be a Healthy Mommy

  1. I agree, it is so challenging! I found core exercises to help me after having two back to back pregnancies. I found my posture going, and I needed to strengthen my abs and back. Once you feel stronger, it helps keep everyone tight when doing cardio and still working those core muscles at the same time. My elliptical is my go to. Thanks for this post!

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  2. Ours in in our living room as well so that I can watch tv or play music on my tv and the kids enjoy it because they get to dance or play while I workout, otherwise it can get pretty boring! I don’t normally use a program but I’ll do 30 mins with level 5 resistance on a busy day. Otherwise I like to do 60 mins level 5 resistance and I burn 500-600 cals. I have been walking/jogging with the kids more outside due to the warmer weather as well! I have about 30 lbs to lose so I am switching it up from cardio to core exercises every day.


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