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Mommy’s Juice Friday! Flirtation & Fuax Wings

We made it to another Friday and in my book that’s pretty good! ❤ I don’t know about you, but this weather has had me feeling low and now I think it’s time to relax with some good old New York Wine. Therefore, it’s Mommy’s Juice Friday and my drink of choice is going to be… Continue reading Mommy’s Juice Friday! Flirtation & Fuax Wings

Thoughts about Lydia

My Little Mommy

What did you want to be when you were growing up? What did you play at? I’m guessing at some point you might have played with a baby doll or pretended you were cooking in a little kitchen. My Little Mommy Lydia even likes pretending to clean! (I’m pretty certain that I never played at… Continue reading My Little Mommy

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Pinterest Challenge: Mother’s Day Gift

Hi! I’m sorry to be sending out this challenge a little later in the week, but as I wandered through The Dollar General yesterday, I remembered I wanted to post this challenge. As I’m sure all you mommies know, Mother’s Day is coming right up. While that means you might want to have some time… Continue reading Pinterest Challenge: Mother’s Day Gift

Time for Mommy

Get Pretty Mommy!

Mommies spend a lot of time doing for others. If you’re like me, this means getting yourself ready in the morning, packing lunches for others and yourself, as well as tending to my dog’s needs all before you begin the day with your little darling(s). By the time I get to work in the morning, I already feel as though I’ve been working for at least two hours.

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Venison Kabobs

Another easy way to eat venison is by grilling up some venison kabobs. This past Wedneday I was actually excited all day at the thought of what I was going to make for dinner. I’d thawed out the venison steaks, I’d prepped my peppers, zuchinni, and pineapple and all that was left to do was… Continue reading Venison Kabobs

Thoughts about Lydia

Show Nature to Your Kiddos

Spring is the perfect time to introduce your little one(s) to all that blooms outside! From trillium, trout lilies and leeks, to gold finches and woodpeckers. Don’t miss the opportunity to teach your cutie about the beautiful world OUTSIDE! At our house the bird feeders are strategically placed outside the kitchen windows. (Mostly because mommy… Continue reading Show Nature to Your Kiddos