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An Interview with a Beachbody Mommy Worth Listening to

On television and the web we see constant ads selling us so many different ways to lose weight or tone our arms, but what really inspires me, what makes me want to do better, is seeing the progress of so many tough women taking the time to take care of themselves, and in the process taking even better care of their families. I say “tough women” because they have to be strong to do what they are doing. To make tough choices like: I’m going to get up early so I can be my best, I’m going to get my meals ready on Sunday instead of sitting on the couch and watching Downton Abbey’s finale … again … I’m going to drink more water, take more steps, and eat more veggies today!

I asked a friend of mine if she would answer some questions for me about her progress with Beachbody and getting fit, I asked her, because every time I see one of her posts on Facebook, all I can think is: I want to be more like her! Sara Roche works hard, loves her family, and takes good care of herself and friends too. She’s a bad-ass woman and I’m so thankful that she took the time to answer my questions 🙂 Her responses made me want to work harder, because like her, I want to feel better.


1. When was the point that you decided you wanted to make a difference for yourself physically?

 I had never struggled with my health and fitness until after I had my children. I had gained 60 pounds with my oldest, who is 6, and never truly lost it all. I wore maternity pants for four years after I had him and into my second pregnancy. I didn’t want to have to go out and buy new clothes because I thought I would be able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I was wrong.  In December 2013, I had started to lose track of who I was, what my marriage was and what I was supposed to be as a parent. My husband and I lost connection with one another and I truly had given up completely. He is not an overly affection person, (and I knew that when I met him and when we got married) but it really started to get extremely sparse with any type of affection and I had given up. He didn’t seem into me at all, there was no communication at all. I was starting to fall out of love with him. There was that constant fighting and it would be over little things and it seemed to be every single day. I gave up. Our kids were, 3 and 7 months at this time. I am not sure if I was going through postpartum depression or what, but I was ready to be done. I had given up hope for our marriage, I was ready to move out with my boys. I was ready to be by myself. I didn’t even want to try anymore. Marriage is all about work. I didn’t want to work anymore. I quit. I wasn’t happy emotionally, physically, or mentally. I started taking bubble baths every-single-night! I started with a glass of wine, then it went to two glasses of wine, and then I started taking the bottle in with me. I was drinking my problems away. I had started smoking again. ( I had quit when I got pregnant with our oldest) I would get drunk in my bath tub almost every single night. There were nights, I would just take a shower, with a bottle of wine.  I had started going out to the bar after work for a drink because I didn’t want to go home. It wasn’t that I did not want to be around my kids, but I just didn’t want to deal with everything else at home. I hated being at home because all the problems were there. So, that went on for a few months. My husband and I started to work on things, I had gone to a therapist one time and got everything off my chest because she was neutral and I just needed to tell her everything and feel better. One night, we sat down on the couch, kids were in bed, television was off and he was at one end and I was at the other. We started to bring up how we met, and all the good times we had together when we first started dating. We talked for almost two hours straight about our past. We had been on a roller-coaster the past couple of months that we needed to really talk about it and communicate. That day changed a lot about us as a couple and helped our marriage a lot. We expressed a lot that night and talked about everything that we needed to. He has past problems from past hurtful relationships that had always weighed on his heart. He loved me. I knew that. But, I needed to be shown once in a while too. I wasn’t my best shape, I had extra weight, and at this point I was the heaviest I had ever been without being pregnant. He wasn’t attracted to me 100%, nor was I happy with myself 100%. He started to show me more attention and affection little by little. He was telling me he loved me more often. I stopped drinking every night. I started to stop smoking.  I got to the point where I was crying every single morning while I was getting dressed, and even if he said I looked good, I knew deep down that he wasn’t happy with what he saw, and neither was I. In May 2013, I woke up one morning early, and something hit me. I got up, got dressed and put my sneakers on, I went outside, and went for a run. I ran or jogged more or less, .91 miles in 10-15 minutes. I thought that was really good, I was so out of shape and out of breath when I got home. My husband was sitting in the recliner when I got home and it was like we were playing a game of twenty questions. Hahah!! He asked me where I was, and I told him I went for a run and where I ran to, and how good I felt after doing it. I said that I was going to continue with it.  We had family photos in June with my entire family and I wasn’t going to be the heavy mom. I had lost maybe five pounds but I felt good.   Then in June, after family photos, I had talked to my friend who was doing Shakeology and a Team Beachbody fitness program. She told me to contact her coach, so I did. We talked, and she explained everything to me and I thought, it was probably another scam and I would just gain the weight back. I talked to my husband about it and told him all about it and I did my research and was all in. He was afraid I wouldn’t do it, and that it was going to be a waste of money. ( I proved him wrong! )  I signed up with my coach, with the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, and I also signed as a coach, because I wanted that positive in my life and I wanted to surround myself with positive people and get the accountability from being a coach and helping others along the way with my journey. I definitely proved him wrong. I continued running and doing my workouts and drinking the shakeology and I was dropping weight and inches. I did 3 rounds of the fix and I was down 30 pounds and 35 inches, from working out at home and never leaving my babies. From leaving them behind to sit at the bar, I was now working out with them at our house, and they now workout with me all the time.

  (In 2011 before we got married, I had bought P90X and attempted it for a week and then gave up because I couldn’t do it. So I sold it. I had tried a quick fix diet and once I finished the 24 days and couldn’t afford the monthly expense of it, I stopped it and gained my weight back also)

2. How would you say the physical changes have influenced the way you feel? Has it impacted your family life?

The physical changes have influenced the way I feel by basically giving me more self-esteem, confidence and all over, a more positive way of life. I am extremely positive now and I hate to see others down and so hard on themselves. It kills me, honestly. I don’t like negativity around me, and I have really taken a huge look at all aspects of my surroundings and refuse to let anyone bring me down to a level that I cannot handle, like before. I surround myself with others that will bring me up just as I would with them. ( if that makes sense)

It has impacted my family life because my boys workout with me. I am currently in prep for a bikini competition and when I want to nibble on the boys chocolates or candy, my oldest tells me no, that I am in prep or I am on a diet. (doesn’t he know he can let me cheat??? LOL ) My husband told me a couple weeks ago that he started working out on his own at home, when I am not home. Which is a huge jump because I have been trying to get him to workout with me. You cannot push someone to do it, they have to have the want to do it and gain the confidence to do it.

3. How would you describe what you do for a living?

     Well, I am a full time Customer Service/ Teller Support Specialist at a bank, (aka, I am a bank teller and I do other things there as well).
But, my real passion is being a Team Beachbody coach. I am not an expert at health and fitness, but I guide women and men, (mostly women) on how to eat healthy, follow the programs that they chose and help them decide which program would be best for their goals and lifestyle. I run monthly accountability groups that are private and I run them through Facebook and I am currently testing an app for the iOs and android phones. The groups that I run give recipes, meal plans, and support that you need during the time of working on your goals. If I hadn’t started Beachbody and had these groups, I don’t know if I would be where I am today. The support is a major help and the accountability groups help A LOT.

4. What’s your favorite part about what you do?

     My favorite part is hearing the progress that my client make. Their progress is major and I tear up every time I hear about a non scale victory, or a pound or five lost, or even inches lost. I actually just recently had one of my clients download couch to 5k yesterday and she went for her first run EVER. I was so excited and started crying when I saw her video in the group, and even screamed when I heard her say she was going for her first run! She said after she got back from it that she kept hearing me in her head telling her to push further and keep going! I love the success stories, and the fact that I have been able to help these women push for what they want. Again, you have to want it, I cannot be there telling them to workout and eat healthy, I can only guide them. They have to have the strength to push hard for what they want.

5. How do you find time to balance being healthy, working out, running a business for yourself and taking care of your family?

     Oh this is a tough one. I have started to create business hours for myself and it is VERY hard because when I get messages I want to be able to respond right back to the message, but I have to have time with my family. So, I used to work out in the evenings and that started to get to the point where I was putting the boys to bed around 7 each night and working out then going to bed and nothing got done around the house. My workouts are my priority. It is my time and I will not go a day without that. So, now, I wake up every morning at 4:30 AM and usually try to be working out by 5. I work out with my best friend/coach and we do it via Zoom chat which is like Skype. It is nice way to keep each other accountable for working out and staying on track in the mornings. We can see one another and we have fun with it. Check out my Facebook like page to see some of our videos.  I leave the house by 730-745 to go to work for the day, I work on my business on my lunch time, along with talking to my husband on my lunch, then I leave work, drive to get the boys and usually I get home about 530-6 most days. My husband cooks…a lot of the time. So thankful! So, dinner is ready, we all eat, then I spend time with the boys, and when they go to bed, I do some things around the house, and then I sit down and work on my business, respond to messages, and check in with my clients. My meals have to be on track, when I eat junk food, I feel like junk food. I have to make sure I stay away from that junk. I have gotten to the point I get super mad at myself if I have a slip up, it happens, and I get over it, but it’s hard.

6. What is your favorite “go-to” healthy snack?

       Hmm where to start. My all-time favorite would be, almonds because they are a healthy fat. You can have a decent amount of them and I snack on them throughout the day. I count out a certain amount especially for my higher fat days and I have them in a bowl at my desk and I have a couple here and there throughout the day.

Also, I just started eating Complete Cookies. They are amazing. IT is like you are cheating but you aren’t!! 16g Protein, 27g Carbs, 7g Fat. And only 200 calories. There are so many flavors! Heat it up a little and BAM pure deliciousness!


7. Do you ever cheat? What’s your “cheat” snack?

Oh gosh YES! But again, when I eat junk I feel like junk. Chocolate is a HUGE weakness of mine and candies. Nerds. I love nerds. I try super hard to stay away from it all. Or not have it in the house.


8. What was the hardest “unhealthy habit” you had to give up?

       Cream and sugar in my coffee. Black coffee is not my thing. But I have let it grow on me. I still cringe every time I take a drink of coffee. HAHA! I do now use coconut creamer, which is much healthier. I used to get bagels in the morning or breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds in the mornings before work and now the smell and sight of any fast food grosses me out and makes me gag. If you knew what was put on McDonald’s salads to make them fresh you would change your mind before eating them. I do not like my kids eating and fast food, it is easy yes, but there are always stores around and you can find something much healthier for them in a store rather than going to fast food.

9. How does it make you feel to know that you’ve inspired and helped others to get healthy and strong?

It is hard to describe how it makes me feel. I seriously cry every time I hear about someone’s success. It is so amazing to hear from someone when they thank you for helping them and show their appreciation. Fitness and health is a huge passion of mine now and I love helping others.

10. What do you plan to do next?

          I have been seriously thinking about becoming certified in teaching some of our beachbody programs. I would love to open my own gym, but I would want it as an open gym where you can come in and do classes, but also have the free weights and what not around. I know when I walk into a huge gym and see all the equipment I just get overwhelmed. I would love to have the beachbody programs available to do while they are at the gym. I know I love heavy lifting ever since I started training for my competition.

11. Why should moms/women or anyone reach for the banana instead of the donuts? Why should we make healthy choices for ourselves, in your opinion?

Mom’s and women should reach for a banana instead because think of all the artificial flavors in donuts or what not. Anything artificial or with that high amount of carbs and fats is not good for your body. I say things in moderation will not kill you, but if you are downing 3 donuts a day, you aren’t going to make progress.

We should make healthy choices because honestly, I know how I felt when I was eating terrible and putting unhealthy foods in my body, it made me depressed and feel terrible. I felt heavy after eating junk food and it was all showing. Eating healthy is expensive, but honestly, you try eating healthy for a week and tell me how you feel. I bet you feel amazing!  It is like a natural detox for your body. The right foods in your system will do amazing things!

If anyone wants to contact me about my groups, you can click this link and fill out the form and I will email you back within 24 hours!


If anyone wants to join me as a coach, help others and work towards the best shape of their life physically and financially, click this link


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