Planning a Vacation … Even if you don’t go

Usually around this time of year we can start thinking about warm weather and camping, but recent snowy events have cramped my style. What can we do about it? Not a whole lot. (Even if my daughter says “Daddy will push the snow away.”) I could look forward to next weeks forcast (over 40 most days … woohoo April), but instead I decided to start planning a vacation for my darling and me ❤

One of my all-time favorite destinations in NY is Saratoga. I love everything about

Wedding in Saratoga Springs 2012

Downtown Saratoga and Lake George isn’t too bad either! The one thing I haven’t gotten to do yet is take a trip to a race, so I’ve decided that talking about it isn’t enough, I need to plan … and maybe even book a hotel for a trip to Saratoga for this summer. I also need to find out when races begin, so that we can check those out, wear a chic hat, and sip on Juleps all day. Is is race time yet? 

The best part about planning a vacation, even if you don’t go, is how much better you will feel just thinking about it! I can envision the fun places, the sweet drinks (margaritas) and the carefree evenings with my husband. I’m excited and I’m looking up hotels, I have to have a nice hotel room … with a view?  I remember the hotel we stayed at last year had rooms with balconies looking out onto the street! Now I’ll have to think about being swimsuit ready, because another way to feel motivated about working-out is to have something to workout for. Last summer we never got to try out the hotel pool, hot tub or the lake, too busy with friends! So maybe this year we schedule in some time to hit those places too.

I remember when we were getting ready to go on our honeymoon at Sandals in St. Lucia, almost four years ago now, we spent a lot more time exercising, because we wanted to look good … at the swim-up bar. lol. Nobody, except the people in the commercials, looks good at the swim-up bar, but you sure do feel good!


Thinking about a mini-vaca has made me feel so much sunnier! I’m linking recipes for a Raspberry Margarita and a Mint Julep, because even if the vacation is far away, we can still have a taste of it this weekend … or tonight … if we want. It might spark a memory and warm up our cold limbs.

Where will you plan a vacation for? Maybe somewhere sunnier and more exotic? Maybe a stay-cation at one of our great State Parks. (I’m thinking on a mommy/daddy budget and we still have to plan for Disneyland someday.)

But where would you go if you had all the money in the world and the time? Start planning your vacation today and please share some of your ideas below!

Happy vaca planning! I hope you’ll go 😉


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