Why I Read with Lydia

One of my earliest memories is sitting in front of a our family’s sliding glass door for light during the ice storm of ’91. We didn’t have electricity for several days. I remember sitting there and listening to my dad read one of the Mandy series books to my sister and I as we enjoyed having time off from school and the warmth of our wood stove. This has always been an important memory to me. Perhaps it was because my dad was reading, he worked and my mom stayed at home with us in those days, so it was usually she who would read to us. Maybe it was the plight of the storm and all that went with it (water thawed from the pool to wash with). Or maybe it was simply reading in that moment or hearing a story that has left such a lasting impression with me to this day.

For most of my baby showers, given to me by the my wonderful friends and family, the hosts asked for guests to bring a book instead of a card. I know that is because they know me well (and it’s kind of a trendy thing to do I suppose), but I remember adding those books to her bookshelf (which is now in jumbles and growing monthly), I looked forward to reading to my little girl and sharing the gift of a book with her the way my parents had with me. I’m lucky enough to have had parents who enjoyed reading and librarians and teachers who continued to make reading fun as I grew. Now I love to read and write, and it all stemmed from those early days, those Golden Books, those moments before bed and those trips to the library. Reading is fun. Reading tells you stories. Reading can make your life richer, more exciting and connect you with others. Therefore I want nothing more than to give this gift to Lydia too.

Already I can see her love for books! She makes Justin and I sit for “circle time” and she shows us the pictures, I barely get to read to her anymore! 🙂 She asks to pick out the books, she has favorites, and I cherish holding her close in
the glider as I read the same story over and over (I know she may only be saying “again,” because she is stalling on that bedtime). Regardless, knowing that she will sit still for a few minutes (which is rare) and share a cute story with me, even sometimes something that I read in my youth, is one of the best parts of my day (that and when I get to go to sleep too). The first book I purchased for Lydia was “The Monster at the end of this Book: Starring Lovable Furry Grover.” I remember how much fun I thought it was during Sunday School as a kid. She thinks it’s funny too and I can’t help but do the voice, well, my version of Grover’s voice …

Lydia spent a lot of time today telling Justin and I which books we were supposed to read, she also “read” to her baby in the car today on the way to  Billy Beez. I was so adoring the way that she showed her dolly the pictures. My little sweetie loves books! This led me to thinking about my friend Melanie who works for Usborn books. She is a friend from freshman year of college. Today we are both moms and we both share a passion for sharing reading with kids. I’m including a link to her page so you can check out the excellent books she has to share along with the way she’s been able to stay at home with her children because she sells books. You can never have too many books!

I read with Lydia, most likely because my parents read with me. I love books because I love stories. I love to hear them, read them, watch them. I love characters, I love their passion and their successes. I love to laugh and cry,
because an author knew just how to play with my heart or I can relate to what is being told. I want Lydia to have these same experiences. I want her to have a favorite author (Please Jane Austen please Jane Austen. 😉 She’s named Lydia Elizabeth after Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I just hope she doesn’t get too upset with me when she realizes what a twit Lydia is in the story.)

Think of your favorite childhood story and if you don’t have one, find one. You’d be surprised the depth and passion you might find within the short pages of a colorful text. It’s good to have something to pass along to the youth of today, why not let it be reading?

What is your favorite childhood book? Please share in the comments below and maybe add a link to the book for us to follow! ❤



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