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My Pinterest Challenge to You: Breakfast

I think I’ve always eaten breakfast, maybe not as much in college … I’m not always sure how one survives one’s meals in college … however I think youth has something to do with overcoming poor eating choices (among other bad decisions) made during college. Anyways, I seriously always eat breakfast and I’m usually confounded by people who say that they “can’t” eat breakfast or that it “makes them sick.” πŸ™‚ I think I’d be sick if I didn’t eat breakfast! Everyone is different though, so if you are one of those breakfast skippers and it works just fine for you, then kudos to you! If you are like me, however, or maybe like a Hobbit who craves his second breakfasts, then you probably also need a way to have that breakfast magically appear in the morning, because you are busy and there just isn’t always time to go to the Glen Iris in Letchworth State Park and down delicious French toast drenched in real maple syrup … I’m meandering from my point … My point is, you deserve a good breakfast, it should be something you almost look forward to, but not a sugary fatty thing you’ll regret later on.

My super genius solution ? πŸ˜‰

Pinterest! It’s full of awesome breakfast ideas, in fact I think I have a whole board devoted to breakfast ideas. Have I ever tried one??? Let me think … maybe?Β  I seriously can’t remember. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about Pinterest, that point when I realize that I’ve been pinning for fifteen minutes and I probably won’t get around to trying a single idea that I’ve pinned. Therefore, I’ve decided to challenge myself this week. This week I will pinterestlook at my breakfast board and select an easy, healthy (eh) satisfying breakfast choice that I will look forward to having. I’m challenging you to do the same. Pick one! Pick up the groceries when you get a chance today or tomorrow (keep it simple so this isn’t a pain in the rear) or maybe you already have the ingredients you’ll need in your pantry. (I just wanted to say pantry … wish I had one of those.) Get the gear, get it ready, and have an awesome breakfast tomorrow or two days in a row.
Downing the same boring shake can get dreary, I know, because that’s what I usually make for myself. I still plan to drink my shakes most mornings this week, but maybe something special for Monday, Wednesday and Friday? It could be something that makes me a little more excited to get up when my alarm goes off andΒ  to share with Justin and Lydia.

I encourage you to break out of your normal breakfast routine as well and share what you’ve made below. Let me know how a recipe turned out and if you enjoyed what you did. Make it a fun week and more interesting than usual. Feel better about pinning those pins!

My Pin of Choice:

healthy smoothy
Link to Page

Ginger & Banana Smoothie (Serves about 4)

  • 2 Bananas (sliced)
  • 2 Tablespoons Honey
  • 1 Β½ cups Vanilla Yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon Grated Ginger

Blend all ingredients together until smooth and frothy.

I’m going to try the Ginger and Banana Smoothie tomorrow, because I have bananas. The only thing I’m going to change up is coconut yogurt instead of vanilla (because I have coconut and also because that sounds so much better!). I think I will just make enough for two and see how it is! Maybe Lydia will like it too.

Happy Breakfast Pin-Challenge to you! Don’t forget to share what you find and try!

5 thoughts on “My Pinterest Challenge to You: Breakfast

  1. I just wanted to add that I did try the smoothie this morning. I split the recipe in half, which should have still made 2 servings, however, there was barely enough to fill one glass. I’m going to work on this recipe and when I figure it out (planning to add an ingredient) I’ll let you know how it goes!


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