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5 Ways to Make Drinking Water More Fun

There’s a lot of fuss going around about drinking more water, however, in chillier weather, it seems even more difficult to sip that boring H2O. Try to remember that drinking water fuels the body and in turn will make you feel better by flushing out those toxins we always hear about. Therefore: you should drink more water and it will make you feel better. Promise.

But water is boring! Sometimes, yes. Sometimes no. There are plenty of ways to make drinking your water more fun. I’m listing five below. I hope that you’ll add your idea  in the comments, if you have found a trick that works for you.

Disclaimer: Drinking more water will create the need for extra bathroom trips, so remember to be aware of your closest bathroom 😉

carafe-505203_12801. Add something to your drink! Of course you can add those sweeteners or drops, but I think it’s more healthy and truly tasty if you try it to add cucumber slices to your water. I started doing this about a month ago. It gives my water a better scent and taste. It doesn’t really take that much extra time, because you may as well slice one up for a healthy snack. You could also freeze fruit in your ice trays and then drop them in your glass. That would look beautiful and taste refreshing too.

2. Use a fun water bottle! I use a pink nalgene, I’m certain that it needs to be tossed (had it more years than I can recall), but I like it. It holds 32 oz. so I usually feel pretty good if I can polish it off at work.  There are so many trendier choices out there, so if having something pretty inspires you to drink more water, go for it! You’ll also be helping out on the environment by not purchasing plastic water bottles at the store.

3. Challenge a friend! What better way is there to achieve a goal than to share that goal with a friend? Determine the amount of ounces you’d both like to devour, and then pick a time to have the ounces drank by. Whomever wins buys the other friend a cocktail at their next get-together … I mean, orders water … not a cocktail 😉

4. Add Interesting Ice-cubes! There are so many different ice-cubes to choose from. Try chilling your water … or other beverages … with a decorative cube. (While I did watch Downton Abbey for the characters and plot, I also enjoyed how beautiful everything was, so make your drink prettier and you’ll fancy it more too!)

5. Use a fun straw! Straws aren’t just for kids or fruity drinks on the beach (ah fruity drinks on the beach …) Pick a fun twirly or colorful straw to drink that last glass of water with before bed. You can usually purchase a big bag of colorful straws just about anywhere for only a few dollars.

6. (I’m adding a sixth … kind of a bonus.) Drink tea! I don’t mean an overcup-2176_1280ly sweetened or “diet” tea, I mean a steamy cup of herbal tea. I like to drink a mint tea in the evening (trying to replace the glass of wine 😉 ). Mint also suppresses hunger, so drinking mint tea in the evening is also another great way to avoid eating a regretful snack before bed.

I hope that one of my “fun” ideas will be helpful to you. Drinking more water and less diet or regular sodas is really so good for you. I’ve been trying to drink more water and less dehydrating beverages lately and I’m seeing a difference. Think about making a glass of water the first thing you put into your body when you get up. Your body is dehydrated, don’t continue the dehydration with coffee. Drink water, and then have your coffee.

I’m still going to have some wine this weekend, I’m still going to enjoy a little cherry coke at the movies sometimes (Hah! Because I so frequently get to the movies!), and there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a beverage you truly enjoy. Just remember that you should be good to yourself and that includes what you take in.

Remember to add your ideas or post a link below in the comments!

I’ve included links to some of Amazon’s cool bottles!


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