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I Brown-Bag it!

The number one reason that I bring my lunch to school everyday is because I have to. The school I teach at is literally in the middle of a cornfield! It would take you your entire lunch break to get to and from a location where they have “take out.” Take out, that’s funny, because that’s something there also isn’t a lot of around here. But truly, it’s alright, when I think about the money I’ve saved and the calories I haven’t had to lose, all because I work somewhere that is too far away from fast food. It’s probably a good thing.

I don’t mind eating leftovers, and thankfully Justin isn’t too picky either, so I always make sure our meal could serve four. That way I have two lunches already made and ready to be packed up for our lunch after dinner. I look forward to a warmed up meal. If I made it for dinner, then that means I like it. Of course I’d eat it 2x!


I’ve tried cooking everything on the weekend and storing it all up, but to be honest, I enjoy cooking, so making several meals quickly and prepping all of the ingredients at once just wasn’t that fun for me. When I cook, it’s one of the moments I find myself being creative and I relish that time in the evening. I like thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner and I enjoy putting it together (even if it is never anything very fancy). I do plan a list at the beginning of the week before I grocery shop with Lydia, and I do plan the meals that we’ll eat, but since Lydia has gotten older (2 … older?), I have had an easier time getting back into the kitchen … where I actually like to be and that means more time for cooking!

Some people create amazing meals over the weekend and freeze crock-pot dinners. I look at their ideas and think: How do they do it? So I’m posting a few links below to amazing lunch-prepper ideas.

I’ve also pinned a lot of interesting lunch ideas, because I do think packing your lunch is an easy way to stay healthy. I’m sharing a link to an amazing blog’s list (Family Fresh Meals) of lunch packing/prepping ideas. I hope you’ll be inspired and try one as well. I love the idea of using silicone cups for dividers in Tupperware! Genius!

Do you bring your lunch? Is it leftovers? Or do you eat out? I admit to enjoying a good dinner out once in a while (or more often dear husband if you read this!) . However, for most of our meals, I feel better about knowing what’s “in the sauce” and sharing it with my family.

Please share your lunch ideas below in the comments!

What Lisa Cooks (No Sandwich Lunches!)

21 Meal Prep Pics! (Great ideas!)

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