Time for Mommy

A First Spring Evening

Today I brought my workout gear with me to school. I’ve been trying to do this for the past several weeks. I can change quickly and squeeze in a quick cardio session before I pick up Lydia at 4. This afternoon I was dressed and ready to go, but then I looked out the window, saw blue sky and sunshine, and I knew one thing: there was no way I was going to stay inside any longer than I had to. I wanted to go get Lydia and take her to our village park.

Luckily the center I take Lydia to has a wonderful outdoor playground and she’d already had one outdoor playtime, but that didn’t mean I was going to miss out on the fun of waiting at the bottom of a slide or watching my little sweet heart try out all of the swings and bouncing contraptions available to her.

She was excited to go with me and thrilled when she saw a low flying small plane go over us twice. (She loves planes!) She even noticed that you could see the moon out in the sky. It was such a beautiful and fun time. I will cherish these moments with my little girl for as long as I can. How long will she want me to hold her hand? When will she no longer wish for me to wait at the bottom of the slide? Someday she may not want me to even go with her to the park. She’s getting big fast, just like everyone tells me she will. I want to spend time with my baby, and I won’t regret that 20 to 25 minutes of cardio I missed out on today.

The only way to get Lydia to leave the park, was to tell her we could still do more fun things outside at home. I knew we had to let the dog out and I wanted to start dinner. So Lydia decided it would be okay if we went home, as long as we pushed her “babies” outside in their strollers. (Yes my spoiled stinker has two strollers and she makes me push one with her.)

Before we went back outside to push her babies, Lydia helped me mix up some venison meatloaf. I know it doesn’t sound that great, but honestly the house smelled amazing when we came back inside. We added relish and garlic to the mix and she enjoyed watching me chop the whole wheat bread slices into bread crumbs in the blender. Together we stirred and added the other basic ingredients. (Did she try any at dinner? Of course not, but at least she had fun with me in the kitchen.)

Dinner, bath, a few baby videos on YouTube while she sits on Daddy’s lap later, and she was ready to read and go to bed. It was a perfect evening.

The second best part? Lydia was so tired, she went to bed a little early. That meant I had time to sneak outside for a nice walk. I got a little chilly, but I loved the freedom, the breeze and the birds singing all the songs I’ve been missing out on since probably November.

I hope you had a nice evening too. I hope you remember to make time for important things and balance. Time for you, dinner for husband (in my case) and time with our little ones. I lucked out on a pretty balanced evening and I want to remember how that feels for a long time.


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