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Pinterest Challenge: Organize One Area of Your Home

I think it’s almost safe to say that spring has officially sprung … of course depending on where you live, it may have started to spring, then frozen, and then some small parts of spring may be starting to blossom but you aren’t holding your breath. Regardless, I’m feeling brave this week and I think it’s time to pack away those sweaters. How about you?

All moms, working or not I assume, find it difficult to find the time to do the million things we are supposed to do and on top of that clean, drink and be merry. I seriously hope it’s not just me. With spring comes “spring cleaning.” It could be a screened porch (me), and the carpet (me) your bathrooms (me), the closet, the dresser, the kitchen (me, me, me). I seriously have a long list of places and things I’d like to get organized and cleaned up. I want to ditch the extra clutter and feel that spring air rustling through the windows at night feeling confident that at least one of the “to-do’s” on my check list got ta-done. So, here’s my Pinterest challenge to myself and to you: Pick one area of your home to organize this week and find a pin to help you out.

I’ve decided to organize the closet that Justin and I share. I’m also going to hit my dresser, because I feel that these two areas are related. First, I’ll pack away the winter sweaters. Yes! However, before I pack them up into spaces until next fall hits (gag) I should probably dispose of items I never wore this year. You could save them for a yard sale, but I’m trying to imagine the time for that as well, therefore I’ll donate what is still usable and get rid of the rest.

From there I’m determined to toss any leftover maternity shirts (I might miss them … 😦 ) But it’s time. Then I will dreamily put all those pieces (bikini from honeymoon) that I hope to fit into, into a small tote. I only want to keep like three of these pieces around. I’ll probably feel better if they aren’t taunting me.

Here are a few of the closet pins I’m planning to use. I hope you’ll find some as well and share what you’ve done below in the comments. Good luck and happy spring cleaning! Don’t you love it when Mother Nature dictates your schedule as well? 😉

Dang! This is so smart... My camisoles and tank tops are constantly toppling over themselves on my closet shelves. And when I had them in a drawer, I couldn't SEE them and would mess them up, stirring around to find the right color. I'm putting "Shower Curtain Rings" on my shopping list RIGHT NOW!:  Bitz & Giggles DIY Accessory Storage Ideas!

how we organized our small bedroom, bedroom ideas, closet, organizing, storage ideas:  Article from HomeTalk

25 Brilliant Lifechecks for Your Tiny Closet Hang a basket in your closet to hold your scarves or other accessories... Need to do this for my purses:

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