Thoughts about Lydia

She’s Growing too Fast!

Lydia is tall for a two year old and only a few months after her second birthday I found that her 2T pants were too short! Her 2T shirts didn’t completely cover her arms or her cute belly! What’s a mommy to do? One problem with this situation is that I find we are constantly needing to buy new clothing (which I don’t completely mind, little girl clothes are completely adorable). Another problem is I find myself tearing up when I have to pack up, donate, or give away her clothes. I fold up that little pajama set for the last time and I can’t believe how big she’s gotten.

I still remember taking many of her clothes to Once Upon a Child when she’d finally grown out of her newborn and 3-6 month clothes (she was pretty much always too long for newborn). Lydia’s sweet little purple zebra striped pjs were my favorite! I remember the clothes she wore home from the hospital … that first little onesie I bought her before I even knew I was having a girl.IMG_0778

Now that she’s turning into a toddler, I still think her clothes are the sweetest, but when I think about it, I know it’s not the clothes that I love, it’s my little girl in those clothes. The way she fits into them. The way her little arms or legs look as she runs in them. I enjoy putting her curly brown hair in ponytails and accenting her outfits with bows. She doesn’t always love the process, even though I seriously try to be so gentle, but I want to take a picture of her every day. She does the silliest things when I try to take her picture. Mostly she won’t cooperate 🙂

You may notice that I don’t post a lot of pictures of my Lydia on this blog. It’s a similar situation when it comes to Facebook. Justin and I have made the personal choice to limit how many photos we place of Lydia online. This is for several reasons. One- we don’t feel comfortable putting images online of her for the whole world to see. This may seem a little overprotective, but it’s just the way we feel about it (plus she has a grizzly bear for a daddy). Also, we want her to be able to make the choice of her images online when she gets older.

I adore seeing pictures of my niece and friends’ babies online! So I do feel a bit hypocritical in this decision. Occasionally I do share a pic of my little big girl. I know friends and family want to see her growing up, and that is one nice thing about FB, it allows people who are a part of your life, but not close by in your life, to see your kids growing.

So I’m sharing a recent favorite and an oldie but a goody in her jumper from two summers ago. Sometimes it’s hard to remember she was ever that small!DSC_0139

What outfits did you hate to part with as your little one grew up? Have you kept anything? Please share in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “She’s Growing too Fast!

  1. Her red pants! Sophia had these red pants that were in between leggings and jeans. It was just the cutest thing.
    And very soon she won’t fit in her orange pants of which I have a very similar pairs. I love to dress the two of us alike. A bit silly but it makes me smile. Now I still fit in my orange pants… I just need to find her a new pair!


    1. I think that is sweet and fun ❤ Have you pursued your sewing idea?! This spring would be the perfect time for cute sundresses. You could use material that matches her dress for a headband or broche flower for you.


  2. I keep all the kids outfits that are my favorite so that one day I can make a quilt of them. Like a T-shirt quilt. So for every size I keep a few things.


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