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Venison Kabobs

Another easy way to eat venison is by grilling up some venison kabobs. This past Wedneday I was actually excited all day at the thought of what I was going to make for dinner. I’d thawed out the venison steaks, I’d prepped my peppers, zuchinni, and pineapple and all that was left to do was marinade and skewer! Easy 🙂

I chose a McCormick’s Grillmate Brazillian Steakhouse marinade, because I have never once been disappointed with their flavors and at around $1 a marinade, you really can’t lose. This marinade paired perfectly with the pinapple and venison. It kept everything tasty and juicy while it cooked. paprika-966292_1280

All I had to do was pop those babies on the grill, zap a 90 second quinoa and rice bag, and dinner was served in about 25 minutes. Not a bad Wednesday night dinner. If you grill with charcoal it will take longer, but the flavor and smell is always worth it. I enjoyed “zapping” the leftovers for lunch, because I brown-bag it.

You can always make your own marinade and when I don’t have a packet in the house, I usually just select some of my favorite seasonings, mix them up with water, EVO, and vinager, and wallah: marinade complete delicious dinner ready to cook . You’ll enjoy it, promise ❤

Let me know how your kabob’d it this weekend in the comments below! Do you have a special marinade you love? Do you prefer certain meats or grilling techniques over others? Let me know how your kabob’d it this weekend in the comments below!


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