Time for Mommy

Get Pretty Mommy!

Mommies spend a lot of time doing for others. If you’re like me, this means getting yourself ready in the morning, packing lunches for others and yourself, as well as tending to my dog’s needs all before you begin the day with your little darling(s). By the time I get to work in the morning, I already feel as though I’ve been working for at least two hours.

I do always manage to get makeup on, even if there has been the random morning when I looked in the rear-view mirror and noticed I forgot my mascara or swore because I realized I also forgotten deodorant. I want to look good (smell good) and appear professional when I arrive at work. Do I enjoy these tedious preparations? Heck no. Are they keeping me sane? I suppose so, but sometimes I’d just like to put my makeup on without knowing I have like five minutes to do it. Then there are the mornings where makeup happens after Lydia is already awake and don’t even get me started on how much fun that is. Sure, I like letting her try a little blush or pretending that she has eyeshadow on. These are fun girly moments, however, I’m usually in a hurry and what should be a happy mother daughter moment, turns into a stressful mess as I try to get her out of the bathroom without crying or looking like a clown.

My point is, there is just so little time for most of us to spend on ourselves. I miss those two hour appointments at the salon when I used to get my hair done, I’d love to get a pedicure, and I think I’ve forgotten what a facial is! There are several reasons for this. One: these little treats can be expensive and as I’ve mentioned previously, we all know we have to buy a lot of other items before we get to manis and pedis. Two: When in the world will I get two hours to get to the salon on a regular basis in order to keep up on highlights?

A few days ago I took Lydia with me to Rite Aid, she loves it there, to be honest I do too. (There is something about walking into a pharmacy that kind of gets me excited! All those colors of nail polish, lotions, hair color. I’m not really sure why.) We live in a rural area where it takes us at least fifteen minutes to get to a Walmart. So the local pharmacy is a nice place to pick up a new nail polish, a box of hair color, or the chocolate Easter bunny Lydia was hoping for (we settled for gummy bears instead as it is several weeks after Easter, sure you can get a bunny the day after Christmas, but not three months before the fourth of July.) Lydia helped me pick out a hair color, pretty much what my hair already looked like, as nobody noticed lol. I grabbed a blush and a gel nail polish, because I’ve been bottle-ravat51wanting to see if the gel polishes really work better. 

She had fun checking everything out, touching all of the different fingernail polishes, and I enjoyed the prospect of coloring my hair and doing my nails later that evening. How did I end up getting to do these things? Caffeine mostly, Lydia hadn’t napped so she went to bed early, and my husband worked out, so I had the upstairs all to myself. I even completed the evening with a small glass of my favorite Bully Hill wine Ravat 51.  

I felt pretty. My hair was blown out, courtesy of myself, my nails looked pretty and bright pink (I love pink!) and my toes looked fresh as well. By the time Justin came up and we finally relaxed, I actually felt pretty. When you feel good about yourself I think it radiates. So do something that makes you feel pretty!

Maybe someone can watch your little one while you get to the salon. Maybe like me, you can handle a box of hair color, so try something new! Maybe it will just take you a few moments to file the nails and slap on a coat of paint, but somewhere down the line, I think you’ll feel better if you take a moment to do something for yourself that makes you feel pretty.

2 thoughts on “Get Pretty Mommy!

  1. You shouldn’t feel guilty. I know what you mean though. Where does the guilt even come from? I don’t think we should feel guilty. It’s little special things that help us to keep our worth and sanity.


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