Time for Mommy

When Mommy is Sick

When Mommy is sick, she doesn’t get to lay down.

When Mommy is sick, she worries about those around her getting sick.

When Mommy is sick, she still has chores to do.

When Mommy is sick, she can’t wait to feel better.

The past few weeks I’ve been downing extra C in the hopes of battling a cold. One weekend of a little extra overdue fun with friends and fate has me paying the price the next day. Now I have a full blown sinus infection and I’m worrying about my little Lydia getting sick too.


I got out of work earlier than usual yesterday, because of a conference day. This meant I had just enough time to go to the store and purchase some over-the-counter-cold-cure-remedies, get dinner started, throw the sheets in the wash, and make an appointment at the doctors 😉 As I was doing these things, I was also thinking about how unfun it is to be sick when you are a parent and I was worrying over Lydia getting sick too.flu-1006045_1280

Didn’t she sniffle this morning? Do I take her with me to the doctors? I don’t want her to pick something up there. Am I being paranoid? So many things to worry about when you have someone else to worry about.

The good news was that the doctor gave me an antibiotic, so as I write this I am certainly on the road to quickly feeling better so that I can engage in all of the fun activities I usually complete with full fervor.

Getting run-down is never pleasant. It’s hard for mommies (and daddies) to find time for everything we have to do and want to do, without slipping up somewhere. Which is just another reminder of why it is so important to take care of YOU too. Therefore, here is to the ample amount of tissues I will go through today, the tea I will attempt to down, and the eventual moment in which I will rest my head on that pillow tonight.

Here’s to you remembering to take care of you too.

When Mommy is sick, she needs extra hugs and patience.

When Mommy is sick, she needs daddy to help with dinner (he did) ❤

When Mommy is sick, she can’t wait to feel better.

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