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Pinterest Challenge: Mother’s Day Gift

Hi! I’m sorry to be sending out this challenge a little later in the week, but as I wandered through The Dollar General yesterday, I remembered I wanted to post this challenge. As I’m sure all you mommies know, Mother’s Day is coming right up. While that means you might want to have some time to yourself, it also might mean you want to create a special gift for those special grandmas or mimis in your kiddos’ lives. So, here’s my Pinterest Challenge to you, and you have a pretty good amount of time to get supplies and/or get the challenge done before Mother’s Day comes around. Pick a craft or gift idea to complete with your kiddo(s) for their grandma this Mother’s Day ❤ and actually do it!

I always pin craft ideas to do with Lydia as well as gift baskets, gift mason jars, gift bags … etc. This year I want to actually accomplish a few of these ideas. So while I don’t want to completely give away my plan, I’ll share some of the ideas I like below. Hopefully you’ll share yours.

Important Tips to Remember when Determining the Gift:

  1. Most women have at least a few things in common, such as wanting to feel appreciated, special and loved. We also like chocolate, sappy movies, flowers and massages 🙂  I asked my mother in law for birthday ideas recently, and most of what my MIL wanted, were things I enjoy as well. Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that most mommies probably would like to be appreciated in similar ways. What would you like? Perhaps your mom would want the same thing.
  2. Keep craft ideas simple. You don’t want a special crafting moment with your baby to turn into a stressful  mess. (Okay, it’s bound to be a mess, I’m not going to kid myself.) But minimize the stress, keep it somewhat simple and prepare for what you know is likely to happen (paint in the hair, eyes, mouth etc.) beforehand.
  3. Watch a video. If there’s a “how to” video for that craft, watch it before you attempt. This may help with what I said in #2.
  4. Involve your little one. Grandparents love their grandchildren so much! I know I love the little crafts that Lydia has made for me. Remember that your gift to grandma should encompass your child in a meaningful and unique way.
  5. Get it done. Time is of the essence in mommy world. So get the gear, do the craft, and be ready to surprise that special mom.

Videos I liked & My Pins:

Vanilla Cupcake Bouquet 







I’m loving this one!


You are My Sunshine!


Slipper Gift Idea slippers-gift-title

So think pretty! Think Spring! Think about what would make you happy and share that gift with someone else! Please share your ideas in the comments below, including the kinds of gifts you might like to show up around Mother’s Day ❤

Happy Pinterest Challenge!

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