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My Little Mommy

What did you want to be when you were growing up? What did you play at? I’m guessing at some point you might have played with a baby doll or pretended you were cooking in a little kitchen. My Little Mommy Lydia even likes pretending to clean! (I’m pretty certain that I never played at that.) I do get a kind of satisfaction from watching her. It tells me I must be doing something right … except when she suddenly tosses her baby out of the grocery cart! I don’t think I’ve actually done that …20160424_112517

Our little ones often copy the different things we do. I remember hearing once hearing that “imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery.” Therefore, every time I see Lydia taking care of her babies, offering tea or coffee to myself or guests, I am proud. She is copying what she’s seen me do and luckily so far, it’s all good things.

Lydia enjoys wrapping her babies up in blankets, changing their diapers, feeding them, and even reading to them. I definitely haven’t enjoyed changing her diapers or purchasing them, but as we near potty training, I find that I might even miss those moments. Why? I have no idea! Wrestling a toddler while trying not to touch that nasty diaper is of course never fun, but it is a moment of closeness I get to share with her. She must see it as important too, because it’s one of the main things she does for her babies.

One of my favorites, even if it’s outdated! 

I’m very proud of my little mommy. I’m certain that one day she may be lucky enough to put her fun into real practice … hopefully one day very far away, but in the meantime I will sit back smile, clean up those clutter filled messes of babies, and feel confident in the fact that I must be doing something relatively right when it comes to being a mommy. I feel very proud that Lydia would choose to emulate my actions. It is also a good reminder to me that I should make sure that my action are worth imitating.

What types of activities do you see your little one doing that copies your own actions? Do they make you laugh or are you in trouble? Please share your experiences in the comments below!

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