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Pinterest Challenge: Up-Cycle a Spring Top

DIY-Bleach-Spray-Shirt-3I’m truly beginning to climb the walls over this weather! Is anyone else itching to pull out your shorts, capris, maybe a spring dress, but Mother Nature just won’t make up her mind? Maybe you’ve purchased something cute for this spring such as a new pair of sandals, a dress (me), shirt or cute skirt? Maybe you’re just dying to don it as soon as your arms get tan or there isn’t frost on your car in the morning. We can’t do much about this finicky weather, but we can do something to get ready. I’ve already challenged you to organize something for your closet, but now I’d like you to attempt up-cycling an item packed up in your spring/summer bins. Maybe you want to make a trip to your local Goodwill and find a new top that you can fix up or get ready for a fun summer concert (me). Maybe you’re just really itching for something creative to do, well, here’s your chance: My Pinterest Challenge to you: Up-Cycle a spring/summer top 🙂b349e643e8069d6f8aa993bf8824d9ef

You can do it with dye (dip dying) lace (I love lace!) or maybe at a flower and new trim to and old top. Whichever way you choose: get the item out, make a plan with Pinterest and get a part of your spring wardrobe ready set for when warm weather finally shows up.

You could make something patriotic for our upcoming summer holidays. You can make something more Victorian by adding lace. I recently bought a blouse for around 6 dollars at Goodwill, I thought about dipdying, but upon closer review of the fabric, I’m going to leave it white. If you don’t want to chance ruining a favorite t, then checkout your local Goodwill for a tank top you like, but would like to embelish. Have you ever thought about stenciling a design with bleach? I love some of those ideas too.00122

I hope some of the images I’ve included inspired you as they did me. You don’t have to me super crafty (I’m certainly not) you just need to find an idea and actually attempt it. That doesn’t really sound that hard. When I complete this challenge I will share the item with you. If you have any ideas, please share them below in the comments. Happy Pinning and Let’s get those Spring Tops ready ❤


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