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Bad Moms Movie: My Thoughts

Bad Moms Movie: My Thoughts

If you haven’t seen the preview for Bad Moms yet, then you need to. If you have, then you should probably watch it again and then grab a tissue. (I cry at everything, even things that are mocking my current life but I still find funny.)

However, the one thought I had (after watching it twice) is, why would any of these things make you a bad mom? (Did that make me a bad mom? lol) I’m sure that that will be the message behind the movie: You aren’t bad moms! No one is perfect! The kids are alright! Even if I already know how it’s going to end, I’m still going to make a point to go see it, because I know that I will enjoy laughing at someone else’s crappy life knowing the entire time that I’ve been in their situation or thinking how lucky I am that it hasn’t happened to me yet …

Moms might not be perfect, but I have the fortune being a mom and of knowing quite a few moms, and it’s not our imperfections that I ever notice, it’s how stinking great we are at loving our kids. We are proud of them. We provide for them. We want what’s best for them. Each of us has a different way of showing these feelings and each of us does our best to give our kids their best chance, and that is all that really matters.

It seems to be a normal trend among moms to feel guilt about what we aren’t doing. We can’t always do it all, we can’t always keep up, and that is okay. As long as we love our kids and do our best to keep them safe, then I’d say we are GOOD moms.

All moms deserve some down time. It could be drinking with friends, going to the gym or drinking some herbal tea. To each her own! Enjoy your moments of freedom and remember that taking time for yourself will NOT make you a bad mom, it will make you sane, and your kids deserve a sane mother, even if half the time our sanity is sincerely questionable. ❤

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