Mother's Day · Thoughts about Lydia

Unconditional Love: A Mother’s Day Gift

Until I became a mom, I don’t believe I truly understood what true unconditional love meant.  I don’t know when it happened … that moment when I knew that I would love Lydia no matter what she did, but now I’m fully aware of it everyday. (Maybe it was cleaning one of those terrible diapers? Or a puke in the hand?) Who else in my life could possibly get away with the things Lydia gets away with? Sorry Justin, I’m not ready to change your diapers or let you puke in my hand yet. I would if I had to, but let’s not test that theory. 

Loving our little ones requires something so strong and yet so easy it’s difficult to explain. We began loving our precious gifts as soon as they started stretching our tummies and making us buy bigger clothes (that requires love, because I really don’t like how my tummy turned out or buying bigger clothes 😉 ) Our children made us go through some difficult journeys before they even took their first breath and ever since. They challenge our endurance, patience, love for others, and mental stability at times, but at the end of each day, when I got to lay her down, I know that is the most precious moment of my day. That last hug, when she says, “Love you mommy.” That’s all I need ❤

Sure, she may have refused to eat her dinner, she may have thrown it on the floor, she may have spilled a cup of bath water all over me so that I had to change my clothes … again … but who really cares? Did I fuss and fume in the moment? I’m sure. Does it matter in the long run? No. I’ve simply learned to sit back a little further from the tub … I think she’s trying harder to get me wet despite all of my efforts!

I love being Lydia’s mommy. It’s something I feel good about every day. From the time she wraps her little arms around my neck in the morning to that moment when I see her fall asleep on the monitor. She is my little one to love and protect. I will love her no matter what and I hope that she’ll always be certain of that fact.

Happy Mother’s Day to you Lovely Mommies ❤

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