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Eating Less when Eating Out

Did you have nice Mother’s Day weekend? Someone may have made you a meal or taken you out to eat. It’s easy to overindulge on special occasions, but we don’t want to feel guilty when we’re done (ribs and mashed potatoes for me).

How often do you eat out? Eating out can be as bad for your wallet as it is for your waistline, but that isn’t really telling you anything new. Instead, I’d like to share some tips to help you eat less when you eat out. Of course on Mother’s Day Weekend or any other “special day” for you, it is totally appropriate to ignore these tips ❤

My Tips to Eating Less when Eating Out

  1. Drink water with your meal. I’ll be honest, when I go out it’s usually for a special occasion, so I will probably have a glass of wine, but I also drink my water. Try drinking that water with lemon, it will taste better and encourage you to drink more, because drinking water can be fun when you infuse it in healthy ways. Water will fill you up and keep you from taking in more calories. (Read more about making water fun
  2. You don’t have to clear your plate! I don’t care what your parents told you growing up, there is no reason that you must finish every morsel on your plate. I know you’re paying for this meal, it probably tastes pretty darn good, but listen to your body. If you’re full, put that fork down and ask for a box. Now you have leftovers for tomorrow. You won’t need to unbutton your jeans on the way home, and you will feel better about how you ate.
  3. Out of sight, out of tummy. Speaking of getting that to-go bag, plan on taking home a portion of the food before hand. You can ask to have them box-up half of your meal before they even bring it to you. (Just remember to bring it in with you when you get home … I always forget!)
  4. Skip dessert. Seriously, skip it. I love dessert, but I rarely, basically never, get it when I go out to eat. (Except when I was pregnant, I was a glutton, no joke 🙂 ) You are more than likely pretty full after you eat that meal and drink all of your water, so be honest with yourself. Do you need that dessert? If your answer is yes, then set up a time in the future to return to the restaurant JUST for dessert. That means you have a second “date” planned and in the moment you won’t have to think of all of those extra calories. Or, you can get your dessert to go and enjoy it at home later when you are craving a
  5. Don’t talk with your mouth full, instead talk with your company. This could open up an entirely different topic I would prefer not to get into: cell phones/devices at meal time, but I want to stick to the topic: eating less when eating out. Enjoy the company you are with. Spend less time chowing down that meal and more time conversing. That means avoid checking-in on your device (unless you’re reading my blog … ). If you are focused on your meal mate, then you might be less likely to put that fork to mouth. You might eat more slowly and in turn discover that you’re aware of when you’re full.

Do you do anything special when you go out to eat? Maybe you check a calorie counter pre-ordering your meal. Maybe you get your dressing on the side. Share your tips or tricks in the comments below. Let’s help each other out!

Happy Monday!

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