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Pounds Beware! This is Mommy’s New Weekend Plan

Okay, so since I started writing my blog I tried to post an enticing drink or snack on Fridays (Mommy’s Juice). Unfortunately, this really is a problem on weekends and it completely defeats the efforts I put in during the week to exercise and eat healthily. I recognize the problem (that’s half the battle … right?) I need to indulge less on weekends, not think of ways to be less healthy. I need to have more nutritional snacks and meals on hand on the weekend and not purchase pitfalls that get in the way of my fitness goals. So I’m changing it up this weekend. Pounds Beware, because I’ve asked a few girls I know that have made big changes in their lives how they stay true on the weekends. I was surprised to see how similar their responses were. Then I started searching youtube videos about healthy snacking. I’m going to share what I found. Hopefully it will inspire you to be more healthy this weekend. I know I’m going to try!

One friend wrote:

I believe eating healthy is all about preparation! By setting yourself up for success you will succeed, setting yourself up for failure and you will fail. So a really good start when wanting to eat healthy is t plan your meals! I can’t stress that enough to the girls I coach! If you have a game plan of what you have to eat and when, you can totally do it! So planning the menu for the week is the first step. Then prepping as much food as you can on Sunday helps. If you have the food prepared and can just grab and go, you’ll be more likely to eat the food. Everyone wants convenience these days, so if it’s “convenient” you’re more likely to eat it.


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Also when I’m trying to eat healthy it’s important to drink water. Most people think they are hungry when they really are just thirsty for some water!!

A good tip for the weekend is if you have plans of going to a party, be sure to eat before hand so you’re less likely to snack. Carrying around my gallon of water also helps me not to snack.

Another awesome lady said:

I would say planning head, just like you do durning the week. Even though your at home and you don’t think you need to meal plan, you still need to because everyone is so busy with family that they just grab something fast or don’t eat at all, and we all know not eating doesn’t mean you will lose. Also, don’t give into temptations. Yes it is hard because they are all around but if you stand your ground and not give it, it will get easier each time.

Finally this girl you’ve heard from before added: 

I always plan my meals for the weekend so then I stick to it. I have it in the fridge ready for me. Yes I snack sometimes, but if I have the right foods in the house I am more apt to eat those over the bad.
Thanks Missy, Kimmy and Sara! I love that you all had similar ways of staying on-track. I know that each of these ladies have made awesome goals and succeeded wildly!
I hope the repetition of what they’ve said will stick with you and motivate you to do better this weekend too. I know I’m already planning to make some changes to my weekend shopping list so that my family can eat better this weekend and I won’t feel as guilty Sunday night.



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Does that mean I won’t have lemonade and vodka? I doubt it. I still want my little moment of relaxation with Justin on the couch after a long week. But I’m going to be careful about portions, meals and my snacks. I also plan to make a point to still exercise this weekend. That way on Monday I won’t feel like I’m starting all over again.

Good luck to you all! How do you stay healthy and motivated on the weekends? Is it a hike? Fresh vegetables? Gardening? Please share your ideas in the comments below and share this post to motivate friends this weekend! ❤


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