Thoughts about Lydia


Something wonderful usually happens when you have a baby, you have to buy clothes! The bad news: they aren’t going to be for you 😉 Our babies grow at a stupendous rate, and as I’ve mentioned before in a previous post (She’s Growing too Fast!) it becomes fun to have new clothes for your kiddo. However, new to your baby, doesn’t have to be new, as many newbaby-666355_640 and seasoned mother quickly find out.

I have been very fortunate to have mommies who went before me hand down clothes to Lydia. What amazing gifts! I love going through a bag or box of “new” clothes for Lydia. PJs, shoes, dresses, toys, it’s really been a blessing and Lydia is a lucky girl. (Mommy and Daddy’s wallet is feeling luckier too!) It also reminds me of going through clothes my own cousins handed down to me years ago.

I ❤ Cousins

Now that Lydia is two, she can understand more (nay, way more) of what I tell her. So when I tell her that the jammies with the hearts on them came from her cousin Kaytlyn, she nods her head and says, “Cousin, PJs?” She gets it, even if she does get confused over the clothing’s origin: Michaela or Kaytlyn? Someday I will remind her again of how lucky she is to have chic cousins with style, because it’s really helped her to look cute as she gets bigger.

It isn’t always family who hand-Lydia-downs clothes. We’ve had great friends share too! Even friends the same age … these girls are too cute and it’s so much fun knowing that they already share clothes ❤ In turn, I am passing on the love, sharing Lydia’s clothes with friends whose girls are growing up too fast too! It’s great to share what we’ve been given and I feel that Lydia is lucky to have people share with her, even if she doesn’t always  know it.

Therefore, I truly don’t believe these items can be called hand-me-downs, such a negative connotation, they shall from hence forward be called hand-me-ups in our house.

Now … if I could just keep up with that pile of clothes she keeps growing out of!

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