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Healthy Snack Friday: Vermont Maple Popcorn with Sea Salt

If you’ve been following my blog this week, then you know that I plan to change my ways this weekend. I am still looking forward to a glass of wine or a lite Corona at some point if it stays warm, however, I’m not going to buy those chips and dips. In fact, I’m not going to buy chips at all! (Sorry tummy!) Instead, I’m going to make a nice warm bowl of organic Quinn’s Vermont Maple Popcorn with Sea Salt and enjoy it with Justin after Lydia goes to bed.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Quinn’s popcorn while I was shopping at Wegmans. I was trying to buy healthier snacks and popcorn is a healthier and easier snack. (We have yet to get an air-popper, but it’s on the list!) This popcorn comes in in chemical free packaging (unlike other microwaved popcorn), it’s organic and gmo free. Even better: it tastes AMAZING! It is sweet and very similar to kettle corn, at least that’s what Justin and I think.

It’s actually kind of fun to make too! Very different from the usual chemical crap. Inside the box you get a package, which contains three more packages! (not sure if that is really more earth friendly … but anyways …) You pop the kernels, you poor on the sunflower oil, followed by the delicious package of maple sugar and sea salt. Then the easiest/saddest part: watch it disappear!

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this snack for Lydia yet. While she has eaten popcorn before, popcorn isn’t really recommended for toddlers, and I wouldn’t want to put her in danger. However, when she is bigger, I think this will be a snacking favorite.

The price is more expensive than your typical microwave popcorn, but it doesn’t have the dangerous chemicals in it (on their website, you can even see where the ingredients are grown). I believe the price at Wegmans was $4.99 a box. I’m attaching a link where you can purchase it from Amazon, but if you live near a Wegmans, I think that will be the better deal. This weekend I may try the rosemary as well! It has excellent reviews from other customers.

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Let me know what healthy snacks you’re preparing or stocking the house with this weekend! What’s your go-to healthy snack that you won’t feel guilty about later? How will you stay healthy and fit this weekend? Please share your ideas in the comments below and have a great weekend ❤

Don’t forget to check-out Quinn Snack’s Website!

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