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Time with Your Baby: The Bigger One

Before there was your bundle of cuteness, there was this other … much bigger guy that you found difficult to resist or to be away from. Some days that feeling may be difficult to remember. After all, you have to clean, bathe, feed, dress and care for the tiny baby. At times I feel they are both equally as needy, but it’s always good to feel needed and loved by both.

When your list of to-do’s gets too long, it’s our spouse or significant other that can often be put on the back burner. I try to not do this, but it happens. I’ll even catch a look on Justin’s face once in a while, a look that makes me think, he wants some time with me too and I’m missing our time together as well. That’s why we find time to do things together.

We are lucky in that we share many of the same interests, mainly our enjoyment of the big outdoors. He may hunt it, but I love basking in it and together, whenever we can, we take it all in. Remember it’s often in those small moments, the ones you catch together, that your relationship can be stronger, you can remember what you love about the other person, and know that you’ve never forgotten.

Justin and I picked up a hobby last year, dirt fishing! ❤ It’s a great activity for the two of us to share. We can look up maps (Justin) and delve into the history of a local area. Then we get excited over the relics (rusty treasures) that we may found buried and forgotten beneath the soil. Often, on a nice weekend afternoon, we will employ the loving care of our parents to look after Lydia while we go dig.535186_10100922977952015_1215222338750810482_n

Why anyone would want to get dirty and smell like rust may be beyond your imagination, but it’s more than that. It’s the sharing of a hobby, an interest, time together that makes our bond stronger.

Justin has really gone out of his way to include me in this hobby. He purchased our equipment and together we started watching Youtube videos, that most would find ridiculous, about our new hobby. It’s something we do and enjoy together. I think a lot of my family and friends laugh when we talk about it, and of course that’s fine, but to the two of us, it’s this amazingly fun treasure hunt we get to go on together. (If you haven’t caught The Dectorists on Netflix or BBC, I recommend it, it might explain a few things … or make you think I’m crazier.) Either way, it’s not crazy to us. In fact, I think we often daydream about our silly hobby.

Yesterday a package came in the mail for Justin, but it wasn’t for him, it was a gift for me! A pink fishing vest, that will consequently be used for a digging vest 🙂 It was so thoughtful and truly better than flowers that I would undoubtably kill.

Each couple has something, some spark that made you want each other way back when. Now you just have to find a way to keep that spark a sparkling. It helps when you take the time to try. When you find something you can do together that you’ll both enjoy and be interested in. For us: it’s being outside and recently: digging. For you, it could be going to concerts, going to the gym, watching a season (or ten) of some show on Netflix.10482852_900424233305407_8734619419359527482_n

To each couple: may you find your thing. The important part is that you’ll do it TOGETHER. You’ll turn your devices off. You’ll let someone else love your kids for a few hours, and in the end, you’ll be happier for the time you had together.

Our relationship is still young, but I truly believe that if we can dig through dirt together, then we will be a couple that will always be able to find the good, the treasure, that important glimmer of love together.


How do you keep your relationship going while take care of your little ones too? What is your shared interest? Please share how you “do it” in the comments below )

2 thoughts on “Time with Your Baby: The Bigger One

  1. Adorable couple. People expect you to dedicate everything to your babies but your marriage is of high importance as well. That’s why it’s so important to have a date night once a week. That special time to bond with our loved ones and rekindle that magic. Love the post! Cute pictures 🙂

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