Time for Mommy

Making Time for Me: Beachbody Workout Dos

So yesterday I decided to bring my “gym clothes” with me to school. I’d enjoyed sleeping-in and leisurely getting ready in the morning, because I had the plan to workout in the afternoon. I skimmed through the Beachbody on Demand Workouts that were available for free in the early afternoon, and then, when I was done with work, I quickly donned my mommy workout gear, and then worked out in my classroom. I was sooooo dreading that anyone would walk by. One: I knew how ridiculous I looked and Two: …. wait same thing, I knew how ridiculous I looked 😉

c37696e31f07f5e7c4bcd1c8cc66077eHowever, I was determined to fit that workout in before I picked up Lydia and went home. I found a 20 minute cardio blast: Charlean’s Turbo Jam, a pretty good cardio workout. While it was a bit “retro-looking” as some of the other Beachbody on Demand workouts appear to be, that didn’t change its effectiveness. In fact, I was pretty sweaty … I mean I was glistening … by the time I finished and headed out the door. Also, I was also smiling. I was smiling, because I was down two of the 21 Beachbody workouts I’m determined to try in the 30 day free trial period. I felt healthier and sunnier, because I put-in the time to take care of myself.Screenshot_2016-05-20-08-18-22

Lydia was having fun at her daycare’s playground when I picked her up. She wanted me to wait at the bottom of the slide for her, and we snuggled for a bit on the couch when we got home, before going outside to her playhouse. Overall, not a bad afternoon after work.

The point is, Lydia didn’t suffer at all from the extra time I gave myself. She was happy and having fun and I felt happier knowing I’d accomplished one of my goals. I slept like a rock last night, and when that alarm went off I was actually recharged and ready to go. I got on the elliptical and watched a good 25 minutes of Juno/exercised. Motivational-Quotes-10

Life is about choices and balance. We have to make them and find it, but neither of those things will happen on their own. I saw a quote on pinterest lately that I think really sums up this idea, and I’ve carried the thought with me through this week. I’ll try to remember over the weekend! I hope that you will too ❤

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