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Crafting with Great Friends & Bitty Friends

chairsHappy Tuesday to you all! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and that you’re looking forward to our upcoming weekend! This past weekend, I was lucky enough to have been invited to join in with a group of friends while they crafted on Sunday. I was even happier to have been able to bring Lydia with me.

My friend, Nikki, has a daughter the same age as Lydia. Nikki and I were both due with our girls around the same time in February 2014. Since then we have been able to share are mothering woes and highs together as well as watching our girls blossom into adorable playmates! They are the stinking cutest! (Yes, I’m stinking biased …)

I hate this picture of myself, but Nikki looks great! 🙂

So just as I was about to pull into Nikki’s driveway on Sunday, Lydia finally fell asleep. Not wanting to disturb her nap (we all know how important they are) I drove around a little, and only when I was sufficiently convinced of her deep sleep, did I return to Nikki’s house where I waited out a short nap.

Soon all the friends arrived. Nikki’s husband is building a barn, (so very manly of him!) and we ladies set to painting some old chairs that were saved from seeing the curb by Nikki. She had had the artistic genius to put them to good use and get her friends together in order to paint and reupholster.

old chair
Old Chair 

Each of us had picked a fabric, Nikki provided the paint and tarp, and we set to painting in the summer sun!

Now, what would our little busy toddlers be up to during all of this? Lydia and Kenzie first enjoyed driving around a Big Wheels Gator (adorable) and then decided they definitely needed to help their mommies paint! Nikki, again with her genius nature, had a nice ream of paper and tubes of paint (from a past Christmas craft we’d attempted with the girls). They set to work painting the paper … their shirts … their shoes … Finally I acceded to the idea that Lydia should just paint sans all clothing but her diaper! (Also adorable). I soon turned to find her painting her entire tummy green! lol. She had fun, I had fun, and when I left, I felt that I’d been treated to a great afternoon with great women, and Lydia had had “girl time” too!

Time with friends is very important. Especially for mommies! We spend a great deal of time taking care of others, sometimes our friendships end up in the backseat, which makes the precious times we have with them, all the more important and special.

When we are with our friends we can be ourselves. We can be silly, enjoy wine, be healthy and drink water (Missy 😉 ) or simply enjoy the feeling of being with the kind of friends that you can be absent from for some while, and feel just as close to when you see them again. I’m lucky to have such friends in my life ❤

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