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Camping Prep for Memorial Day Weekend

This will be Lydia’s third summer going up to our family property and camping! After our first summer with Lydia, Justin purchased a camper to make life camping with Lydia: easier. It’s still a tough go, but I’m determined to make it work better this year. Lydia loves going up to the pond and she’s excited to camp. Justin and I love it too, so why does it always end up feeling stressful?

We plan to open up the camper this weekend and camp for at least two nights (weather permitting), so that means I need to do some meal prepping and snack stashing for the weekend. I really want to have more fun and feel less stressed this summer when we camp. A camper helps with this … but it also adds extra things to do.

I still remember the days when Justin and I would pop up a tiny tent or sleep in the bed of his truck under the stars, but those days are behind us, for now. We have a toddler to keep safe too.

So I’m planning ahead of time and going to pack up on most things early. This way all we’ll have to do is clean up and arrive this weekend. Justin and I both have lists of what we need to get. I enjoy being in charge of food!

Some snacks we must include:

  • smore stuff
  • water
  • potato salad
  • water
  • macadamian nuts
  • water … enough
  • venison bacon burgers
  • buns
  • rice crispy treats (with chocolate chips!)
  • something red, white and blue!
  • Snyder’s Buffalo Wing Pretzels
  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker (ingredients)
  • veggies: cukes and peppers
  • coffee
  • water … had to add it one last time 😉
  • steaks … Justin added steaks

Our list of food is truly longer, who am I kidding? But the point is: it’s camping, it needs to be easy, yummy, and healthy (sometimes) too. I plan to make our water “fun” by adding lemons and strawberries to a dispenser throughout our camping weekend. It’s important to stay hydrated and refreshed ❤ I often tend to go over-board on meal planning, so I want to keep this weekend simpler. I’ve planned to get pre-made Wegman’s subs and salads for lunches. That should keep things lighter and easier. It’s nice to have meals around that require no cooking! However, nothing beats the smell of the charcoal grill!

A great site I found for camping prep is:

Advice For Hassle-Free Camping With Kids By Carla Lowe, published May 22, 2007. 

One tip I picked up from them was to have a bin of the clothes, sheets and blankets we are going to use. That way when I get home I can just throw that bin into the wash, re-pack, and have ready for our next weekend stay-cation. She also has some great tips for first-time campers. She really focuses on getting the kids outdoors, and I’m a big fan of that!

Water tables and small pools are a great way to keep Lydia entertained and not in the pond. First of all, she can’t swim yet, and secondly, the pond water will most likely be a bit freezing 🙂 So not only do I need to keep Lydia out of the water, but I’d like to stay out too!

We plan to fish, make s’mores, ride our ATVs and hopefully relax, but we moms all know how much relaxing goes on when you camp 😉

Happy weekend-ing to you all and remember to whom we owe this holiday weekend! Freedom isn’t free and it’s important to celebrate and remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy peaceful holiday weekends


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