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6 Tips to Staying Fit on the Vacation You got Fit for

I still remember getting ready for my honeymoon with Justin. I was more determined to workout than I’d been for our wedding (a dress can cover a lot 😉 ). We had determined to go on our honeymoon over Christmas break, due to time off as well a something else to look forward to after our wedding. Back then, it seems like we had all the time in the world to work out, where now I’m stoked if I squeeze in 25 minutes! Once there, I forgot about eating healthy as well or working out, you’re on vacation: what’s the point?

However, there are plenty of ways to stay fit when you travel to a place in which you plan to wear a bikini. It’s simply that we are less motivated when we get there. We may be more tired, eating less healthfully, busy and/or just plain caring less.silhouette-1082172_640

I digress … Let’s talk about Staying Fit while you are on that vacation you prepped so diligently for!

First of all, I’d like to include a link to a blog post I read recently about 15 steps you can take to have a healthier morning, 15 Fit Girls Morning Rituals – Healthy Habits That Changed My Life. They are habits that you should try to make and include in your day everyday. I tried a few just this morning. I woke up earlier, I stretched my feet (I’d never thought of that … still blowing my mind … ) and I enjoyed my oatmeal breakfast.

I’m including a link here, as I think these are 15 steps that you can most likely take when you are on vacation, in fact, many of the rituals are habits that might make you feel like you were on a vacation anyways.

  1.  Go for a walk, but make it a brisk walk. Stop and do some jumping jacks. Lunge those legs! Get a few push-ups in. Don’t worry about who’s looking, they don’t know you, and you shouldn’t care. Have fun and exercise on the beach or down a park trail! Try to walk once in the morning and once in the evening, you may be surprised by what you’ll plastic-bottle-60472_640find! 
  2. Make healthier eating choices. It’s so easy to eat whatever you’d like to when you are on vacation, you want to indulge, to relax, to taste something … drink something … yummy. But don’t forget that when you get home, you’ll want to feel just as good about yourself. You can do this by making mindful choices with that menu or bringing along a protein shake mix for meal replacements on the go! Find restaurants that are within walking distance from your hotel! 
  3. Drink Water. Of course, hydrating yourself would make this list. But think about it, are you hungry or does your body crave agua? Chances are you have been doing a little more sweating if you’re in a warm place and you should be hydrating yourself! Don’t forget to get your sips on even when a PinaColada might be calling your name instead.
  4. Bring Sneakers! You can find out ahead of time if your hotel has a gym. Fsneakers-1024973_640ind out, bring your gear, and get at least one workout in every other day that you are on that trip. You’ll feel awesome for doing it.
  5. Strike a plank pose! Easy workouts that require no weights can be simple ways to stay toned, keep that tummy tightened, and to keep the metabolism going while you’re away. You could plank when you first get up, before a shower or on that walk on the beach! Think of the stability challenges you’ll face on the beach!
  6. Play with your kids! Or kid, in my case. Lydia always wants someone to party with and of course it’s me! Therefore, if your vacation includes the kiddos spend extra time enjoying activities with them (activities that don’t involve devices!). Play with them in the pool, swim along with them in a lazy river, find a volleyball court, or bring outdoor games with you. Whatever you do, remember to keep moving! 

Overall, find what works for you, but remember that your best you will be the you that didn’t forget about all that you’ve accomplished before going on the trip ❤ You don’t want to throw it away with one dinner or a few drinks. These six simple tactics could keep you feeling fresher and rejuvenated while you are away. Come home ready to get back into fitness and know that you won’t have as much to gain back.

What are your secrets to staying fit while you’re away? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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