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Skinny Cow – Holy Cow! Goodness ;)

I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen  Skinny Cow treats in the freezer aisle, but have you tasted them? The weather is getting hotter and my little sweetie, the bigger one, and myself all need to cool down some evenings with a treat. c-mg

This week I purchased Skinny Cow’s Chocolate Mousse Ganache! OMG! They are so good and Lydia liked them too (big surprise!). Upon researching further, I have also found that they make a mint version of this AMAZING dessert! I must find it 🙂 At 160 calories and only 40 of them being fat, you are doing better than a serving of chips, and who eats only one serving of chips? I was totally satisfied with this treat when I was done, (Even though I spilled the top down c-cmg(2)my top!) and I wasn’t craving anything later.

Lydia decided it was finger-licking good, daddy decided he’d have one too, and the whole family, except Cody dog, is probably smitten with this pretty little cold treat!

Sodium is low, only 65 mg, 3% of your DV. Sugar is high, I’ll admit to that 16g, which will definitely do some wacky things to your blood sugar level, but it’s way better than a soda. I’d much rather have ice cream than soda or chips.

If you’re looking for a less-guilty treat, then you might want to check these treats out. They taste great, so you won’t be disappointed. All in all, this mommy approves this hot weather treat and you may find me searching for the mint version at a store near you! ❤

Where we live, everyone really looks forward to the little ice cream shops opening up, it means summer has arrived!

What are your favorite cold treats or places to grab a cone? 


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