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Standing Abs Lunchtime Crunch

Last week I published a few workouts that can be done under 15 minutes. You may not be able to do them at your workplace, but you can squeeze in time to workout for at least fifteen minutes somewhere in your day. (I think you can even count it as a second workout, if you get that heart rate going!)

This week I wanted to try a short standing workout on my lunch-break. Of course I turned to YouTube, there are so many workouts there! I went with a FitnessBlender workout. I often choose their workouts, because I can appreciate their simplicity as well as their effectiveness.

The video I selected consists of six different moves, a few which require you to switch sides, and all of which last 45 sec. The moves challenge your stability which is excellent for your core strength too. It did suggest using weights for one of the moves, but seeing how I was at work, I just used my handy nalgene bottle.

The Standing Abs Lunchtime Crunch Moves are as follows:

  1. Standing Pike Crunches (once for each side)
  2. Captain Morgan Diagonal Pass (you’ll use the weight for this)
  3. Jumping Oblique Twists (perhaps the hardest to accomplish at work)
  4. Torso Rotations (a nice stretch!)
  5. High Knee Chops (once for each side)
  6. Waist Pinches (once for each side)


I felt each exercise was effective and challenged my core muscles. I didn’t feel sweaty afterward, but I did feel like the moves had worked my core muscles. I suggest trying the workout if you have the time … and I think everyone can find the time for 10 minutes abs 😉

If you try the workout, please share your experience in the comments below. Know of a better standing abs routine? Share that as well!

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