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Feeling Bad? Feel Better!


My recent trip as a chaperone on the school’s senior trip left me feeling a bit run-down. I’m not used to staying up late and then still playing all day, but it was fun while it lasted. Now I’m home, gratefully, I missed Lydia! ❤ Oh, and Justin … 😉 I missed them a ton and nothing felt better than holding them in my arms upon my return. However, I seem to have awoken with a sniffle and a headache. I’m feeling low, which makes me somewhat cranky (ask my students) and I want to feel better!

So here are some steps you can take to feel better when you are simply trying to do too much! Moms are constantly doing more than we can probably handle, we are strong and persevere, but sometimes we can take extra steps when we do feel low. These tricks can help you when you’re tired, sick, or maybe just not feeling like yourself emotionally. Sometimes we have to take a step back and get ourselves on track.

  1. Stretch! Your body needs to move. Even when you aren’t at your best, moving your body around will make you feel better. You could try yoga poses, you could stretch on the couch, in bed before you get up, or right before you go to bed. Hey, why not all of those times? Stretching allows for better blood flow throughout your body, spreading more nutrients throughout and in turn making you feel better.cat-814952_1280
  2. Get Your Hydration On! We always talk about drinking more water, so of course the same goes for when you aren’t feeling well. However, when you’re feeling down, choose liquids that might do a little more than just plain water. Maybe you need an extra shot of coffee in the afternoon, try right after your lunch, that way you won’t feel extra sluggish in the afternoon, but the caffiene will be out of your system long before you try to sleep. Try honey and lemon in warm water before bed and in the morning. Put a little mint or lavender in your difuser bottle, it will smell wonderful and give you the extra lift that you might need.tea-party-1001653_1280
  3. Smile! You already feel better right? Everyone knows that smiling releases endorphins and that it will boost your mood, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to smile, so make an effort to do so. Watch a funny movie or episode of your favorite comedy. Call a friend and chat about anything. Look at photos of your children or puppies! lol Whatever makes you laugh and smile will make you feel better too.
  4. Rest! That day you feel the cold coming on, make that your rest day. I always make that mistake. I want to keep going eventhough my body is telling me it needs a break. Listen to your body. Go to bed early, if you can. Sleep in a little longer … if you can. Make dinner easy and heart warming. Ask for help and then relax. Your body needs its rest, but don’t sleep too long, you don’t want to change your routine in such a way as to mess up the rest of your next day. So strive to get an hour more than you usually do, seven to eight is what’s recommended. (I live by that rule when I can!)
  5. Take a Vitamin or Make a Healthy Shake! Multivitamins can often help restore what might be missing from your diet, however, making a shake that comes with vitamins or making a shake and adding natural foods that hold vitamins can make you feel better too. Think about the vitamins and minerals that your body craves when it’s low: magnesium, potassium, zinc, C, these are all great pieces of feeling whole. Find them in fruits and veggies, add extra to your diet when you know you need to re-charge.cranberries-1334507_1280
  6. Music! Listen to an uplifting or upbeat playlist. Make a channel on Pandora, get yourself in the right mood. (As much as I like country, if you’re feeling low, you may want to skip the sad stuff.) If you have the energy, try dancing around. Dancing and listening to music are sure ways to feel better in no time!

I hope that you’ll find these ideas useful the next time you are feeling low. Give them all a try or choose a few and make the perfect combination of feeling better! I’m including a link to another post I found useful when it comes to fighting fatigu: 12 Remedies for Fatigue & When You’re Feeling Tired, in case you have time for 12 😉 Claire Goodall has some excellent natural remedies you just might want to try.

What do you do to feel better?


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