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Good Eats! Semi-Healthy Dad’s Day Treats <3

So far the weather report looks nothing but sunny for this upcoming weekend, so why not pick and plan a few  meals that will make Dad smile, keep everyone’s waistline in-check, and stay simple at the same time?

My favorite way to have easy meals on the weekend is to grill! Meat, veggies and fruit, they all taste better on the grill and it’s usually healthier than eating out or deep frying your food. So below I’m listing a few dishes you might want to remember to make this weekend!

Grilled Venison Burgers!

Is your husband a hunter? If he is, then grill up that meat he spent his eneburgers-813407_1280rgy procuring for his family. Season it up, add in some blue cheese, or top it with bacon (turkey if you want to stay lighter.) Not into venison? Just try to find a leaner meat when you plan those patties. Also, remember that leaner meats shrink up a bit on the grill, therefore you might want to make those patties extra fatties 😉

Charred Wings!

grill-410601_1280Perhaps you’ve had your chicken wings prepared thusly before, if not, then this weekend is the perfect time to give it a try. (You can smoke them too, also truly awesomeness!) Buy a bag of frozen wings in the frozen meat section. Let them thaw in the fridge and then season with your favorite rubs. We like ours spicy! You’ll love the charred marks on the wings and you’ll be happier with your caloric intake if you grill them instead of ordering them fried. Compare 98 cal a wing grilled to 160 cal fried! (That’s right I said a wing! Better make this one an appetizer!)

Grilled Fish!

Okay, so I’m not huge on eating fish (it stinks, its funny, I’m not cultured), however, my husband is. One of the healthiest meats you can grill up this weekend is fish. Season it, squirt some lemon on it, make fish tacos, whatever your hubby is most likely to eat, serve up a nice fish dish and remember it’s good for you too. (That’s what I tell myself when I eat fish … it’s really good for you 😉 )  asian-1238725_1280

Flatbread Pizzas!

Okay, not a meat, but you can put meat on them! I tried making flatbread pizzas for our last camping trip and they were awesome. The bottom will crisp up before your cheese turns brown, so keep an eye on that. I’ve also found it turns out much crispier on the charcoal grill than it does on our gas. You can use whatever toppings you prefer, have them chopped and ready to go. I like chicken with bbq sauce and red onions on ours! american-1238698_1280


I love kabobs ❤ They are easy, they look pretty, and you can get your veggies, fruit and meat all on one stick. Add rice or potato for a side and your meal is done! I often cut up venison steak into cubes, allow it to marinate, then skewer them along with zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes and pineapple. I also use stainless steal skewers, but you might want to use the wooden if you shish-kebab-417994_1280are camping: easy clean-up, just add those suckers to the fire pit!

Okay, so now I’ve given you a few ideas (and I am now hungry), but there is one thing you can’t forget on Father’s Day weekend: Dessert!

Maybe the dads in your life have favorites, but I’m thinking chocolate and strawberry shortcake! Strawberries are in season right now, so squash them up, make some light biscuits, and top with whip cream (lighter option) or ice cream (probably tastier option). If the shortcake doesn’t tickle your guy’s fancy try making a chocolate cake (more time consuming), chocolate cupcakes (cute), or brownies (easy peasy).

I’ve not included recipes with any of these ideas for a simple reason: besides the chocolate desserts, you don’t really need a recipe for any of these items. That’s part of their awesomeness! Be creative with how you season. Be mindful of your sides. Be happy with the ease that comes with a little pre-thought and planning ❤

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