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Make Snacks Lighter!

If you are like me, then you might often find yourself reaching for the lighter version of food and drink. Lighter sour cream, sugar free Redubull, lite beers (Busch lite or Mich lite … that’s me), less salty  chips, skim milk … The lists of foods and beverages with the words “sugar free” or “light” is ginormous! Unfortunately, it’s also a list of foods packed with other ingredients that you just might want to avoid.

We all know that most light products have more added sugar and sugar free products usually have an ample amount of artificial products thrown in, which are seriously unhealthy. So why do we still buy and consume them?

Perhaps you don’t. Perhaps you’ve steered clear of the trap, and kudos to you if you have! (I’m working on it …) In the meantime, while I try the 21 day fix meal plan, I want to focus on ways in which I can make snacks better for me rather than feeling guilty after I polish off half a bag of “baked” chips with my husband. (Baked? Kind of like being light … really not much more nutritional … also, there are still about seven servings in there, so I never feel better about it.)

A Few Ways to Make Your Snacking Lighter:

  1. Veggies instead of chips: I know I’m not the first to discover this, but it’s an alternative I want to choose more often. I thought about it recently when I had  some hot sauce, blue cheese, and chicken left over from my salad. I also had carrot sticks. Guess what? Those carrots tasted just as awesome as a chip would have in my remaining salad ensemble. Next time you want to put a chip in that dip, try a veggie instead!
  2. Chocolate on your fruit: I saw a pin recently, which featured beautiful raspberries with tiny dark chocolate chips tucked inside. It appealed to so many of my senses! Pretty, juicy, and smart! I can’t wait to try this easy snack. You could also melt the chocolate and “lightly” drizzle it over your favorite fruit, instead of having a candybar! You’ll get your fruit vitamins and a little antioxidant from the chocolate. You won’t have to feel sorry about it.Looking for a quick sweet treat? Check out our favorite dessert snack hack. Stuff dark chocolate chips in raspberries to satisfy your sweet tooth! // 21 Day Fix // 21 Day Fix Approved // fitness // fitspo motivation // Meal Prep // Meal Plan // Sample Meal Plan// diet // nutrition // Inspiration // fitfood // fitfam // clean eating // recipe // recipes:
  3. Drink Water: I know, I know … not that h2o again. But we all know it’s good for us. We all need to drink plenty of it, and drinking water while you snack might just help you to snack less. I’ll keep this explanation “light.”
  4. Always put your snack in a bowl: When I first started dating Justin, I was pretty much appalled by  the idea of putting my ice cream in a tiny little ramekin. I mean … how could that much ice cream ever make anyone happy? !!!! Oh wait, it can. A serving is a cup. A cup is basically a ramekin. So do yourself (and your gut) a favor and only have a serving. You’ll still feel just as good … on the other hand, you might just end up resenting me as much as I resented Justin in that healthy decision he forced me to make … I guess I got over it 😉 This goes for other snacks too. If you put it in a bowl, you’re less likely to eat the entire seven servings.
  5. Share your snack: By sharing your snack you are almost ensuring that you won’t eat all of it. That’s a pretty good idea right? Sure, I try to get all my pistachios eaten before Justin does, but then he reminds me that it isn’t a race and I attempt to slow it down. I think it feels better to share your snack for three reasons: 1. You only eat half. 2. You get to share something tasty with your friend/loved one. 3. You feel good because they are just as guilty as you are of eating said snack. ❤

So that’s it! Five snacking tips that can help you snack lighter, but still keep you happy 🙂  ehem … I hope. Life is best when we make good and healthy choices for ourselves, but it’s also pretty darn good when you enjoy it too. So snack wisely my friends … snack wisely.


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