Kids in the Mud

As some of you who follow this blog may know, I am a teacher and I teach at the same school district from which I graduated high school. Some people might find the idea of such a thing repulsive, but it’s days like today that I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Where else can you take a group of middle schoolers out into the woods on a mud run? Where else can you see kids laughing and having fun with their friends in nature? Okay … so I’m sure that there are other schools (even if they aren’t as cool as mine πŸ˜‰ ) … but today has to be one of the best memories I will carry with me from teaching.

It all started when one of my awesome colleagues, Addie Edwards, suggested the idea of forgoing the usual field days fun. She suggested that we use the amazing nature trail our school has, which runs right next to East Koy creek. Addie, along with our other amazing phys ed staff, took the time to create and set up an obstacle course through the woods. Our gracious Superintendent agreed to give it a try, and nothing short of magic occurred from there … ohΒ magic and flash flood warnings after almost two weeks of drought like weather. πŸ™‚

That’s right, first we’d worried about the trail not being “muddy enough,” and then there were trees falling during the night and creek levels rising over teachers’ hips! I’m proud to say that these little crimes of Mother Nature did not get in the way. By the time the kids were line up to go, the trails had been reevaluated, trees had been cut, new guided paths set up, and the entire thing went off muddily!

I got a first hand look as the kids ran through the woods. (When Addie had asked me to help supervise, I totally jumped at the chance!) They were laughing, throwing mud, getting dirty, and most importantly enjoying a wonderful time outside!Β I couldn’t have been happier. Great weather, a peaceful breeze, and bug spray made my morning and afternoon perhaps the best day of work ever.

It’s so great to see kids enjoying themselves outdoors. They didn’t care if they were muddy, nope, they wanted to see who could get the muddiest! Those are my kind of kids and this is my kind of school.

Remember, if you want your kids to have fun, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money … heck, you don’t have to spend any money! Just let them run in the mud, make mud pies, or hug you with their little muddy arms … you’ll both be glad you did ❀

4 thoughts on “Kids in the Mud

  1. This event was awesome! Props to the Fire Dept. for spending their day at Letchworth and hosing the kids down; both for the fun of it and to help the custodial staff lessen the muddy mess! Not only were there administrators everywhere to come and see the fun, the Board of Education even stopped by to check it out! I hope this event becomes a tradition, every single kid enjoyed themselves and the only evidence of the “tech world” was the adults with cameras… to see kids just being kids was a refreshing change!! Well done Addie and crew, very well done. πŸ™‚


    1. It took the entire LCS family and I think made everyone’s day. I hear the high school boys and gals want in next year too … I’m thinking homecoming??? Student council advisor??? πŸ˜‰


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