What is the 21 Day Fix and Why is it going to take me 42?

Long time no see … I know. It’s the summer and as a teacher I’m on vacation (until next week when I begin summer school) but for some reason I’m busier than I was before break, however, much more enjoyably busy! And while I haven’t been perfect with the 21 day fix, I have been pretty good: only missing four workouts and only splurging on the weekends. Which is why I’m taking this thing to round two! I want to do better. I know I can do better. I’m more than pleased with the results that I’m seeing and I think that I now understand the fervor I’ve noticed in those who’ve posted before me about their results with the fix!

What I’m eating while I write!

Okay … so some people have asked me what the fix is, here’s my best explanation:

The 21 Day fix is all about really “fixing” your body. I’ve worked out three or so times a week for a long time … with the efforts coming and going, all along I was assuming that 20 minutes here and there, a walk at lunch, and drinking some extra water would probably help me to reach my pre-baby weight goals. But guess what? It wasn’t doing it. The 21 day fix has shown me how I can reach my goals! It has reminded me that I need to be more conscientious about what goes into my body (including wine! grrr) and I need to remember the importance of nutrition balanced with proper exercise.

They give you the DVDs (and Beachbody on Demand, if you want it) they give 21 days of directions for those workouts (easy and meaningful when you cross them off after you finish!). They give you lists of GOOD foods for your body. They give you tiny little boxes to put that food in. They help you to calculate how much food you really should be putting into your body not what you think is just okay. They’ll even give you the protein shakes for a month if you want to give that a go (I did, and they are not bad, but I like the shakes I was already purchasing through GNC … I’ll get to that later, if you stick around 😉 )

The 21 Day Fix showed me that I could find 30 minutes to workout. After all, if I can find 20 minutes then I can find 30! It showed me that I would have more energy if I tried. It showed me that I could move the weight on the scale to numbers I haven’t seen since before Lydia was born. (I only wanted to lose 5, which I have, it may not seem like a lot to you, but it’s meant a lot to me.) It’s meant getting into my bikini from our honeymoon!!!! Oh my gosh, when I put that on, (and the top stayed on lol) I was a happy girl and so glad that I hadn’t thrown it away. I love the workouts. I love that each move is only 60 sec long. Nothing was too difficult or required a lot of coordination … because I was absent the day they passed that out in school.

I’ve felt better about the meals I’ve prepared for my husband … I don’t think I’ve gotten anywhere with Lydia, but I think the more she sees us eating healthy things, the more likely she will be to follow in our footsteps.

Will I have to spend more money on food? I don’t know what you spend now. I did not see an increase in my bill, besides the fact that I’ve started buying fish for one meal a week! I never thought I’d do that and enjoy it, but so far all meals have been a go, and Justin, who likes his fish, hasn’t minded. I’ve noticed that I fill up with produce before I get very far in the store … and that’s a good thing! It’s summer, so look for fresh produce at the farmer’s markets, I’m sure you can find awesome deals. You will drink more water, so less everything else, which means buying less soda and sugary drinks. You might save money there! We eat venison, so I don’t have to buy red meat unless I’d like to, but you can’t get a lot leaner than venison when it comes to red meat. Chicken breasts can be bought in bulk. Freeze what you won’t use. I grill a bunch up, cut it up, and keep it frozen for salads or quick lunches. Easy peasy 😉 Not expensive!

The Shakes: Everyone has different views on these. I’m going to be honest. I don’t really like the shakes … (Is anyone going to yell at me for saying that??? lol I’m not sure.) I’ve drank them as a snack replacement after workouts or before I had to go grocery shopping. I definitely recommend drinking them well blended … with maybe a little peanutbutter or banana in them. They are healthy. They won’t make you fat. They won’t leave you craving anything else, but I like my GNC lean shakes and so does Justin, and so, we’re sticking with them.

I have been far from perfect on this plan. I like wine and a good Busch lite now and then. I tried compromising by having plain vodka and crystal lite raspberry lemonade (pausing for gasps … I know! Fake sugar! Sorry.) Weekends have been tough. It’s summer, 4th of July, grilling out while you camp, but just by bringing more water, carrots, eating a hotdog without the bun … a lot of little changes can make a BIG difference.

It’s hard to be perfect, but no one is asking you to be perfect, because no one is perfect. You should be asking  yourself to be better. To try a little harder. To go a little farther than you were yesterday. See what comes of it. I doubt you’d be disappointed.

My Before

Tomorrow will mark the end of my 21 Day Fix. I’m pleased

2016-07-02 14.16.21

with how far I’ve come. I will go farther and I’d love to help you meet your goals too! You can PM through my Facebook Page, or search my Beachbody page to find a program that works for you. If you’d like to join a challenge group, let me know. It’s amazing to talk to other people who are going through the same things, who are seeing similar progress (good progress) and just need someone else to encourage, remind, support, or influence them in making good choices. I can help you with that if you’d like, or maybe you have a friend or spouse who wants the same things you do. Having someone to join you in your goals is one of the best ways I know to meet them.

If you’ve read all of this, then thank you for the time you’ve given me. Hopefully I’ve answered some questions you might have had. If I haven’t, then you can always e-mail me at ruralmommy4life@gmail.com or you can go to my fb page and chat with me there!


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