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Healthy (Easy Peasy) Meals to Try!

I love Pinterest! One of the things I’ve loved lately about Pinterest is finding so many 21 Day fix recipes and whether you are doing the fix or not, it’s a great idea to eat in a healthy way. It’s never easier to do than in the summer (fresh produce on the corner ❤ ) and you can find easy recipes as well. So, I wanted to share a few of the dishes I’ve tried since doing the fix.

I tried this with Tilapia. It was so good and easy! Loved that I had minimal clean-up!

21 Day Fix Food Containers- Calorie Bracket:

When you start the Fix, you get these teeny tiny colorful boxes. lol. I laughed when I opened the box … no joke. However, it put my eating into perspective. One of the awesome things about recipes you can find for the Fix, is that they will tell you which boxes the recipe counts for and then you can mark them on your daily tally and see how you are doing.

Blog: 21 Day Fix Recipes – Stuffed Peppers
Made with venison! So yummy!

As Americans I feel that we devour way more than we need to and in so many ways. Our bodies don’t need to be gluttons. We can survive on less and feel happier doing so. These boxes reminded me that what I thought I was doing (kind of eating healthily) wasn’t really being that healthy after all. I was still taking in more calories than I needed to. Now I’m watching what and how much I eat. I feel better too! So when you see some of these recipes you might think: no way! That isn’t enough food!

But if you are conscious of what a serving really is, then you can be happier about what you eat, knowing that you ate the right amount for your body. Let me know what you’ve tried! ❤

Foods that I found can be eaten on the fix and that Justin loves too:

  • pistachios 
  • shrimp
  • Kashi wholegrain blueberry waffles (I drizzled honey on top!)
  • all fruit!
  • Hummus- I love edamame
  • carbs- but they have to fit in the yellow box
  • hot sauce- my favorite sauce 😉
  • vegetable chicken patties I found some that I love at Wegmans: Quoen Chik’n Patties. (You can find them in the frozen organic section.) They’re awesome! I top with just a little spaghetti sauce and no bun. AMAZING!
21 Day fix Snack Ideas, Almonds and melon:
Easy snack!


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