Time for Mommy

Why I hope One Palm Reader Might Need a Literacy Teacher ;)

Recently Justin and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. We did so by venturing up to Toronto. What an awesome place to visit! I haven’t been since I was a child (and hence, I cannot remember passing through.) This trip however, will clearly remain in my memory for a long time to come.

A concert, meals out (no cooking/too many calories/enjoyment), the Stanley Cup, shopping, new experiences, and even a palm reading. (Justin’s idea!) We both knew that it was a tourist trap, but we were having so much fun and time was on our side (which we can hardly ever say on a weekend), so we did it.

The psychic would only see us one at a time, a bit of a disappointment for Justin, he wanted to do it together, but being such a gentleman ( 😉 ) he let me go try a reading. I felt guilty letting him spend the money on it, after all, this is all silly nonsensical whims … right?

If she was legit, then I expected right away she would sense the spirit of my sister. However, like a few of the other “guesses” she made, she only went on to disprove herself. She guessed I didn’t have a child (I must have looked relaxed!) lol. She told me that I’d have twin boys in two years. (I almost left right then! How dare she put that prediction on me!) 🙂 She sensed I was having digestive issues … so weird. However, as I’ve lately been eating clean, the change in my diet last weekend did leave my tummy a little off at times … so maybe she was right about that.

I do so hope she’ll be right about other things. A long life. A happy long lasting love with Justin. Financial security. All happy things. Changes in the Fall for us both. I can hardly wait … 😉

She said I need to continue in my artistic pursuits. (Which I can only assume means writing?) She said to no quit. To keep trying. And, while these words of “wisdom” could appear frightfully vague or specific to anyone, I held them close to me just the same.

Sometimes the word of a stranger can stick with you.  You can wonder if their guesses will be right and you might hope that they’ll be wrong. It’s something to ponder just the same. Was it worth the cash Justin paid? Perhaps not, but it did offer fun fodder for the rest of our trip. An inside joke. A horrid fear! (Twins … jk … but seriously!)

I think she’ll be right about one thing, even if she has misjudged on the lines of the rest of my hand. Our trip reminded us both of something so important: the love we have for each other (not that we’d forgotten). How much fun we can have together. That we want to try new things together. (That a concert that begins at 8:30 and doesn’t end before midnight is way too late for me!) That a trip away with your special someone is something you will always remember and treasure.toronto pic

Oh yeah, she mentioned another trip in my future … closer than next summer, for which we are planning a more tropical trip. She predicted a long weekend in warm weather and perhaps getting on a plane. I’m seriously hoping she read that right!

Have a great week! Love your loved ones. Do something different this weekend together. Laugh together. There will always be boring and tough times, but there can always be sweet and happy times … and you don’t need a psychic to tell you this ❤

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