Time for Mommy

Why Being a Mom Means I Won’t be Able to do it All

If you are a mom, then you probably already know the answer to this. If you’re a dad and reading this, then I’m guessing you have it figured out too. Being a parent, the “best parent” that you can be, means that you will undoubtedly have to give up many things that you’d really like to do. Sure, you’ll get your occasional date with that special someone, you might get a night out with the girls, run a side business, you can squeeze in a workout, you can buy healthy groceries, make healthy meals, do the laundry (woops that was one I never want to do 😉 ), binge on a few episodes of  your new favorite Amazon Prime addiction, enjoy a light (or heavy) cocktail, read a book … once in a while you might get to do one of those things. Never on the same day. Most likely not in the same week … let’s face it, you’ll be lucky if you get it all done in a month, because being “the best” parent you can be, means you’ve given up some of the things that made you feel like you, because now, you’re a different  you. And while on the surface, you’re most likely okay with this fact, you know that deep down there is a part of you that sometimes misses the old you. A part of you that wishes you had extra hours in the day … hours you wouldn’t wish to be using for sleep.

I’ve been reminded of this fact a lot this summer, because with summer always comes more fun activities to indulge in. Also, because this summer I’ve decided to take the plunge into Beachbody and fitness. Whenever one “hobby” begins to grow, something else will have to slide. For me, it’s been writing. I love to write, and I’m still squeezing in a blog post once a week, but, it’s fairly sad to say, that I’m not getting to write as much as I was before. Which is okay. I am okay with this. As long as I still get to do both things, I feel fulfilled in those moments and with each accomplishment.

We can’t do it all. When we try, something slips up. Luckily, my care for Lydia (due to my unending love) she will come first, my thoughts and time with her will not slip. However, when you try to fit in a new hobby, like fitness, then you might find yourself slipping in other areas, and other issues are certain to arise: like for instance your own health or that of your child. I’ve been lucky (so far … knock on wood … only a little-stitious) that I haven’t been sick since trying the 21 Day fix nor has Lydia. But when good friends, other moms, tell you about how they’ve become ill or their little ones aren’t feeling well, it reminds me that something will always take the back seat. I would never want that to be anyone’s health. Our health is all we have right? So be good to yourself. Of course we can’t escape viruses, we can’t dodge the common cold or a sinus infection, but when it happens, that’s a good time to drop something from the schedule that we don’t need to do, and maybe that will be a workout routine. (Although I’m convinced a nice stretch of Yoga Fix would take you a long ways into healthy recovery <3)

My point is, as moms, we’ll no longer be able to do it all just the way we did it before. However, as long as you are doing bits and pieces of what you love, then you are still you. You are a better you, because you are sacrificing a part of yourself for the love of your child.

Remember to keep up with the things you love. Perhaps make a list of ten things you really miss doing. Then pick five of them that you find to be the most important to you. Then write those five things down on a calendar. Put that calendar up, and then make a point to do them. It always feels good to cross things off, it will feel even greater to know you crossed off something that you wanted to do for you.

Much love, hugs, and encouraging thoughts! It’s a tougher world but we are strong ladies, and as I recently heard someone say (in my recent Prime binge: BBC’s Poldark), “We can’t change the whole world, but we can at least try to make our corner a better place.”

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