Thoughts about Lydia

Kiddie Pool & Playground DAZE

If your a mommy (or daddy) with a little one this summer in western NY, then I’m pretty sure you’ve been taking advantage of this beautiful weather too, perhaps by taking your little one(s) to your local park or playground. (Did I say beautiful? I meant sweltering hot why the heck didn’t I let my hubby get that hand-me-up pool from friends? Deeply regretting that decision??!!) However, there is an inexpensive cure for my silly blunder: local parks, playgrounds and splash pads! They are so much fun, even for mommy … 😉 They’ve proved to be free entertainment, cool splashes, and even playdate opportunities. Playdates = time with other moms.20160807_105644

I’ve been lucky enough to squeeze in a few days (hah … almost every day after summer school) and some weekends at our local parks. We’ve tried out new playgrounds with friends, explored swimming with different life preservers (puddle jumpers are my favorite!), and just this past weekend Lydia got her first pair of seahorse goggles so she can … as she puts it, “Me see under water now!” I’m still very curious to see if she will put her head under the water today, because as it happens, we have kiddie pool playdate with a fellow mom and her kiddo this afternoon.

Taking Lydia to the park does require energy, I’m not going to kid anyone, and if you’ve done it, well then you know. Sometimes I bolster myself with a Redbull or GNC Energize & Burn drink. Whatever it takes! lol. I want to be ready to romp up through the old wooden castle she loves. I want to swing her around by her arms in the pool, I want Lydia to have so much fun! It makes me smile to help her play. I see her getting stronger, I see her trying new activities, I watch her growing up.

Lydia still wants mommy to come with her on pretty much every activity, which sometimes feels silly, but what do I really care? It’s good for me to get off my butt and move around with her. It’s good for me to have that time interacting with her … but gosh darn it, do I enjoy stepping back just a bit, if a friend is playing with her. (Deep breaths, that’s when I get my deep breaths in.) ❤

When I look back at this summer, I know I’ll remember how Lydia wanted to pretend that she was my mommy. How she tried to push me on the swing and asked me if I liked going up high. I’ll remember how thrilled she was to swim around in the kiddie pool, to slide down all the slides, to crawl through wooden tunnels, feeding seagulls, and chasing after small kickballs … I’ll remember all the fun memories with my little mommy. I’ll think about how she was already changing and growing up too fast. I’ll be glad I took the time to play with her.20160720_163147

What does your kiddo love to do at the park? I’ve seen a few moms taking their kids on splash pad tours! Each day or once a week, they’ve sought out a new splash pad: so much fun! There are still plenty of items on my “things I want to do with Lydia this summer” list, but as long as she’s happy, then mommy is happy too.

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