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Feeling Motivated?

So it’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything workout or Beachbody related and I think that’s because recent events have taken a precedent in my life, leaving healthy eating to the side. But I’m ready to feel my best again and get my family feeling healthier too! Family and self are all the motivation I need this morning … of course, it might take me a little more oomph to start that 21 day fix Cardio workout 🙂

One of Autumn’s quotes goes something like this: Do your best today, because tomorrow isn’t promised to you. I know this to be true. We don’t know how much time we’ll have, so we should always do our best with the days we are given. It’s important to feel good about yourself every day. Be happy with where you are at and with what you are doing. Sometimes this will mean that you have a beer while golfing for your birthday (that’s okay ❤ ) Sometimes this will mean having two slices of cake lol. (That’s Lydia). Sometimes that will mean enjoying that slice of za you avoided all carbs for all day in order to eat with your husband and family that night (that was me last night). It was all worth it. If at the end of your day you can say it was all worth it, then it was a day well spent.

But let’s try to have more healthy choices than not. I wanted to share a great ab workout I found on Youtube last week and I wanted to share a little motivational quip I thought up before I went to bed last night. This is a short blog post for me … (hah) but I wanted to write today and so I am. I had some time in my day to share with you, if you care to read it, and I hope you’ll share back. Tell me what motivates you to work on your fitness level or clean eating goals. I’d love to hear it and your words might inspire someone else! Share your goals, share your results, share what motivates you ❤

Life gets hectic,
Life gets crazy,
But you gotta show up
And not be lazy.
You have to do the most with it,
No ifs, buts, or maybes.
Cuz it’s your life baby!

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