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A Mom’s Summer Project List …

I came to a sad realization last week when summer school ended. I was driving home with pizza and wings from our favorite place in Batavia, Main St. Pizzeria. It was almost seven o’clock (we stayed late to finish grading) and I felt like I’d just done the same thing a week ago. Unfortunately it had been a year ago. Pretty much the same event … I’d had to work late, my parents had happily taken Lydia until I got home, and Justin was getting hangry waiting for the promised delicious cheesy dinner …

*Side note: this dinner was sooo not in the fix diet. However, I’d had a chicken salad for lunch and resisted carbs all day so that I could truly enjoy a slice for dinner. I have no excuse for the wings, but you have to enjoy food, it’s not the enemy. ❤

Back to my main purpose for this post: Today was my first day of summer school being over and having a bit of time to myself. I had a list of things I wanted to get done: workout, mow the lawn, sell a yard toy Lydia no longer used, get started on my hutch (that I hadn’t refinished last summer), maybe cook up some meals to take to my grieving great grandmother-in-law, clean out my cookbook cupboard that is filled with books (only four that I really use), my list kept getting longer!!!

Last week, as I drove home, I realized it had been a year and I still hadn’t done some of the projects around the house that I swore I was going to do then. That didn’t feel good. I’m determined to get that hutch done! So I bucked up today, carried that thing down to the garage (it’s not that big) and got to unscrewing all of that hardware (luckily there wasn’t that much) and wiping it down. … Then came the moment where I thought: “Do I really want to do this? Is this the right color? Am I going to mess it all up!! I don’t want to ruin it, it was a Christmas gift from Justin from our first year in the house!”


What did I do? I consulted Facebook for some immediate comments on choice of refinishing tips. Then I jumped to Pinterest … then Youtube … meanwhile, I had a mess from the hutch to clean up, I still had to mow the lawn, and the day was quickly rolling away from me.

Does this sound at all familiar to you? I really hope so lol. The good news is, I think I do have a plan for the hutch. I’m going to ask Justin’s advice on my idea when he gets home and get to work on that tomorrow … you know, after tomorrow’s list of things to do!

I have a week and a half left, with some getting ready to go back to school prep in store, and of course time with Lydia (who is wearing panties and potty training!). I may not end up getting it all done, but I’ll tell you what: I did get my lawn mowed today. I did workout. I did move the hutch so that I can begin that process, and I sold the toy (one less thing to move when time to mow). That’s like four things off of my project list!

Farmhouse Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer:
Love this idea!

❤ We can’t do it all, but as long as we get some of it done, then we should feel good about that.

I like how my lawn looks now. That feels good. Small accomplishments, steps in the right direction, these are the only way to get to where we want to be.

What project(s) did you get done this summer?


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