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Avoiding Boredom in Your Exercise Routine

Ever since I joined Beachbody, I’m never surprised to meet someone else who is either using Shakeology with one of the programs, coaching, or going to a live class started by a super fit mom Sara Roche (Beachbody Mom Worth Listening To). During work this summer I met a girl who coaches and is simultaneously training for a marathon. My summer school principal shared how she was getting in shape to get in shape with 21 Day Fix Extreme … and the student I read to during regents week told me about how his mom gets Strawberry Shakeology and he loves it too! lol. I feel like Beachbody was everywhere, and it made me happy.

It encourages me to hear about so many different people making healthy changes in their lives, seeing differences, working on goals with group members. It’s pretty awesome ❤ But it isn’t easy! It takes dedication. I means wanting something enough to go after it. To try a new workout, to avoid unhealthy food and get to know good food again.

Lydia likes to get a book from the town park’s “Take a Book, Leave a Book” program. Last week she picked Bernstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food … Well, needless to say I thought about some of the things Lydia eats (I’m pretty sure she was just looking at pictures of junk food lol) but this little kid’s book continues to put things into perspective.

Everyday is about making choices for yourself. You get to pick what you’ll eat, when you’ll workout, and perhaps what your children/husband/significant other will eat. So why not set good examples in nutrition and exercise? The 21 Day Fix meal plan does this.

So back to the main idea of this blog post 🙂 Woops… I better start staying on topic, school starts next week and ninth graders can smell a rambler!

Sometimes we stop working out because we can’t find time, it gets to difficult, we have an injury, we get sick etc… but sometimes I think we just plain get bored! I’ve been using the 21 day fix workouts since mid June. That’s a long time to be completing the same seven workouts. Do I still love them? Yes. Do they still burn? Yes. But I like to change things up. I like new moves, new challenges, and something different to look at. 21-day-fix-eating-plan-containers

So I tried Chalene’s PIYO program, which I enjoyed, because I love yoga and Pilates, but after a few exercises, I realized that I missed the faster pace of 21 Day Fix (which has a yoga and Pilates workout in it). Understanding that I like change was a good thing to know about myself, and I passed along my PIYO videos and went back to the Fix.

Then of course I heard about Country Heat and I was automatically interested. I tried the preview when it was on Beachbody on Demand, and I really enjoyed it, so when it finally came out a few weeks ago, I was quick to order! I’m having a great time with the cardio workouts and I’m glad I tried something new.

However! I still missed my Fix workouts. I love strength training. I’d rather lift weights than jump, but I think a good exercise routine needs both, so I’m trying to fit in the strength workouts along with my Country Heat dance routines. It’s fun, it feels good, and I’m loving the results!

Sometimes all it takes is a new workout and Lord knows there are plenty of them out there! Maybe you need a change of scenery … like going for a jog or walk at your nearby park. Perhaps a brand new playlist with your favorite summer songs will inspire you to work harder … whatever it takes, keep doing it!

Feel good about yourself. Do so by taking care of yourself and your family ❤

If you’re interested in trying Country Heat or Beachbody on Demand, where you can find hundreds of different challenging workouts, then you might want to check out my Beachbody website and look around 😉 Hopefully you’ll find something you want to try. There are new challenge groups starting all the time, that means working with other people to get the results you want! You can get a coach who will motivate you and you can watch your progress.


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