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Sick Day with Lydia

Right now I’m getting to write to you, because my little Lydia is sleeping soundly during her nap. If you’re a parent, then you know how sacred this time is. First I had to spend some of this time cleaning up, then I graded essays, and now I’m doing my other “Tuesday” thing to do,… Continue reading Sick Day with Lydia

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The Library, Lydia and Me

All summer I told myself: get your library card renewed! Lydia loves new books and I remembered how much I enjoyed going to the library as a kid. (I still love to go ❤ ) And so finally, a few weeks ago after school, I picked up Lydia and took her to our town library.… Continue reading The Library, Lydia and Me

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How I Cheat, but Still See Results

When you first look at any “diet” or “meal plan” intended to make you drop weight you might find yourself thinking one of these two things: “No way!” or maybe, “I can probably do this…” …Right? Then time goes on … you stick to the plan a day … maybe two, but as the days… Continue reading How I Cheat, but Still See Results

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Absolutely 10 Minute Ab Workouts to Vary Your Routine

Lydia is now 2 and a half years old! She is potty training like a champ and learning new words everyday. This doesn’t make her very different from other toddlers her age, but when you watch your own child varying her vocabulary you start to wonder: where did she learn to say that? Two of… Continue reading Absolutely 10 Minute Ab Workouts to Vary Your Routine