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Absolutely 10 Minute Ab Workouts to Vary Your Routine

Lydia is now 2 and a half years old! She is potty training like a champ and learning new words everyday. This doesn’t make her very different from other toddlers her age, but when you watch your own child varying her vocabulary you start to wonder: where did she learn to say that?

Two of Lydia’s words lately have been “absolutely” and “actually.” Just last night as I was talking to Justin I randomly said, “absolutely…” within our conversation. I wondered if I’d picked up the multi-syllable word from my sweet little girl or had I been saying it all along and never noticed?

We pick up habits from people constantly, especially the people we spend a lot of time with. We might pick up a gesture, hopefully a good habit, and maybe even small expressions. As parents we know how important it is to be careful which habits we model for our children, and I’m far from being the perfect role-model, but it does give you a good reason to think about what you do and say.

One trait I really hope Lydia picks up from me is the desire to exercise. I hope she will see it as something fun and good for her as she grows up. I also like to share fitness goals and ideas with family, friends and you! Recently my 21 day fix challenge group decided to try and fit in the 21 day fix abs each day. To me, this could get a bit boring. I love doing ab exercises, but I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so I suggested searching Youtube for other FREE ab workouts. I’m including a few below and I hope you’ll check them out or look for your own 🙂

I challenge you to try at least one!

This workout doesn’t have music or anything too special about it other than its effectiveness. I tried it last week and felt sore the next day.

No matter what your age, you might find yourself struggling with the dreadful skin/fat that seems to settle above the waistline of your jeans … it can be uncomfortable and unsightly … so maybe try this this week!

This is another workout I tried recently when trying to change up my routine. I enjoyed the Pilates moves and the outdoor location …

Want to stay off your back? Do you enjoy dancing your workout time out? Then this may be one for you!

Maybe you don’t have access to live streaming workouts, in that case, I challenge you to find an ab routine on Pinterest and try that this week! There are so many good workouts out there. You’ll be sure to find one that will set your abs a-burning. I enjoy the videos, because the instructor will usually remind you to pull in your abs while you workout, to keep your back flat on the floor, how to hold your chin, chest or shoulder blades. Your form can often be just as important as the amount of reps you complete when performing ab workouts, so take your time and push yourself to do it right!

Good luck with your ab routine and let me know what you try ❤


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