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The Library, Lydia and Me

All summer I told myself: get your library card renewed! Lydia loves new books and I remembered how much I enjoyed going to the library as a kid. (I still love to go ❤ ) And so finally, a few weeks ago after school, I picked up Lydia and took her to our town library.

All the way into the building she asked me questions such as, “Doing Mommy?” and “Why go up stairs mommy?” Her usual twenty question investigation that I’m slowly (reluctantly) getting used to, because I know it’s great that she’s asking me so many questions (great…) 🙂

I renew my card, and then another 20 questions from Lydia later, we are downstairs checking out books. She’s sitting in their rocking chairs, investigating their touch-screen Sesame Street computer game, pulling books out here and there, which means I’m busy putting them back, and most importantly she’s having fun in this new environment.

I ask the kind Mrs. Rossman if she would show me where Berenstain Bear books are kept, and she quickly guides me to the right location. Lydia takes a seat in a rocking chair with her little “lamby” and we read about five pages of a book before she wants to check something else out. While she is busy exploring, I pick out a few books that I think she’ll enjoy. She discovers the table with coloring pages, and goes right to work being a teacher, sharing coloring pages with her lamby and the stuffed black cat that’s in the room.

20160914_160522She asks me to push her lamby in and then her. We all color for a little bit, and then it was time to go. Each room in the library was something fun for her to see. I explained to her that right now picture books would be best, but someday we could look at those colorful big novels in the next room. (I can’t wait to read those with her too!)

Since then, we’ve returned once a week. The librarian, Victoria, is so sweet to Lydia, and Lydia soaks it up. I think I’ve always felt a kindred spirit with librarians. There’s something so spectacular about working in a building full of books! (I can only imagine, however, I am fortunate to work in a classroom that used to be a part of our school’s old library, so in a way, I do get to work in a kind-of-used-to-be library, and I still get to use the old book cases too.) The thought of giving books to different people all day long and sharing that joy of talking about something you’ve both read, that’s an awesome job! I know I’ll always enjoy visiting, and I hope that Lydia will too. (And yes, as an English teacher, I do get to do that sometimes.)

Getting books into the hands of our children doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are books everywhere (even our local park has a “Read around Perry” station that Lydia likes to check out). It’s fun to pick out a new book, read another book in a series, and cuddle up with Lydia on the couch or rocker to read. (I really enjoyed listening to Justin read to Lydia on the coach last night while I got dinner ready. He had to answer all of the questions!)

Read to your babies. Take them to libraries. Remember that reading is fun and that there’s a book out there for everyone … you just might have to go to your library and find it. Many libraries have a section for kids which allows for busy learners too.


How do you use your library?

2 thoughts on “The Library, Lydia and Me

  1. awww… love it! Makes me love my job all over again! 🙂 You nailed it right on the head about all the fun parts. Starting a new story time next month and I will be thinking of our Lydia even if she isn’t in ‘my’ library. Go you! Sharing the love of reading with your kids is a lifelong skill that shouldn’t be missed.

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