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Sick Day with Lydia

Right now I’m getting to write to you, because my little Lydia is sleeping soundly during her nap. If you’re a parent, then you know how sacred this time is. First I had to spend some of this time cleaning up, then I graded essays, and now I’m doing my other “Tuesday” thing to do, sharing a part of my life with you. Today’s topic 🙂 sick days!

Yesterday I picked up my little honey from her daycare, but unlike usual, she wasn’t smiling when she saw me. Lydia was holding her arm and she told me quietly, “Mama, me want to go home.”

To make a long story short, and I did. (I deleted several paragraphs not wanting to drone on about each detail.) My little girl was clearly in pain last night and this morning. I did what any mom, with sick days, is lucky enough to do, and I called-in/logged on to sub-service to get a day off. I then had to take my little bitty with me to work (in her pjs, she cried when I tried to change her, because it hurt her arm) in order to set-up sub-plans.

Several friends suggested I take her to the ER. My husband (smarty Justin) suggested it might be Nursemaid Elbow, and when we got to the hospital, that’s exactly what it was. The gentle doctor and kind nurses put everything back how it should be. It turns out that she had a dislocated elbow. This common injury has to do with the bones in the elbow being pulled apart (!!! me freaking out !!!) and it stretches and tears ligaments that hold the elbow joint.

That sounds pretty awful to me as a mommy. I felt horrible that I hadn’t taken her sooner, but that doctor sweetly fixed it (without saying what he was doing until it was over … smarty doctor) and so neither Lydia nor I got worked up, and then before we knew it, she was back to herself and playing!

I was so relieved that nothing was wrong. I’m determined to find out what happened (that’s my protective mama bear coming out). Meanwhile, I have the rest of my day with my girl. We can make some cookies, watch a movie. We’ve gotten to read books and cuddle. She even wanted to play with her doctor’s toys, so I knew she wasn’t too traumatized! 🙂

So while I don’t enjoy any sick days, sick days with my bitty baby, as long as they turn out okay, are not so bad after all ❤

Do you have anything special that you do with your kids if they stay home sick? I remember my mom making me mint tea with milk and sugar. We moms (and dads) have to enjoy those extra snuggles when we can, but hope for no tears and lots of happy endings.


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