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Take Joy in Your Creativity

I recently caught the end of the movie, Joy, on HBO … twice … two times, I saw the last hour… Finally I had some”Lydia is napping” time on my hands, so I decided that I needed to see it from the beginning, and currently it’s playing on demand through HBO.

Usually movies make me cry at the end, but I’d already seen the end, so it actually was the beginning that made me cry. I’m not going to give anything away by saying this, but the beginning starts off showing Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Joy, as a young child. She is living through a cliche child life (a.k.a. life is the worst), but she has something special about her: she is creative. She can imagine things. It made me think of my Lydia, so wildly imaginative and loving to create. It made me think of myself, I’ve always loved to draw, to write, to imagine, but over the years, life has gotten busy. I still find ways to be creative, but I often find myself thinking about what I’d like to do, rather than actually doing it.typewriter-1248089_640

In the beginning of Joy, you see a woman who has lost herself, because she is no longer channeling that inner creativity and imagination. (That will make more sense, if you watch it.). I teared up. My days are speeding by and there isn’t a lot of time to do what I’d always like to. As it is now, I can only write this blog once a week, I don’t remember the last time I wrote something creatively, and I miss that.

Recently, I’ve found a little creative solace making wreaths with friends and painting pumpkins and snowmen. That’s been fun, in fact, I’ve loved it! I don’t want to let those feelings go, so I’m bolstering the creativity by writing down ideas/sketches of crafts I’d like to do. That way, even if I don’t have time right now, I won’t forget it. Someday, there will be time. I bought paint and a yard of fabric. I’m feeling excited over new ideas and enjoying conversations with friends over wreath planning and crafts.

The more I let my mind use it’s creativity, the more ideas I get. Have you ever felt that way? You start planning something and then you get a new idea? I just have to remember to follow through with the first, which is why I used my Joann Fabric’s coups this weekend!

In Joy’s story, it’s once she gets back to choosing herself, her ideas and her passions, that she begins to get control of her life. It’s not easy and not everyone supports her, but she does do it. (Sorry … that is kind of a spoiler.) painting-1207945__180

I cried for myself and for Lydia. I don’t ever want her to lose her creativity or put it on a back burner. If she wants to mix that paint or play dough up, then I’m going to let her. Maybe she sees something that I don’t. The point will be that she’s creating. Which is so much better than the alternative.

What do you enjoy creating? Are you spending enough time doing that thing? 

Here’s a link to a great article on the Positive Benefits of Being Creative by Susan Minarik.

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