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On Being a Schoff Woman

A Schoff woman knows that she will have to withstand some barbs from her loving, yet not always sensitive man. A Schoff woman will have to hear hunting stories, fishing stories, and stories about getting ready to hunt; time will be spent waiting for your husband to return from hunting, and sure enough there will be venison in your freezer, so you’ll smile and decide it’s worth it. A Schoff woman will be happy in her husband’s pride.

A Schoff woman will attend gun raffles and have fun doing so. A Schoff woman will cook, clean and care for her children. She will provide you with coffee, tea, cocoa, coffee … toast, honey an d peanut m & ms. She will enjoy doing these things, because she is doing them for those she loves.

A Schoff woman will knock one or two or three back with her husband or maybe on her own. She knows she’s lucky to have her Schoff man, and he knows he’s lucky to have her. So they enjoy their time together.

A Schoff woman will have to be strong willed, but she’ll have to know when to bend. She’ll have to enjoy the outdoors, but know that sometimes her man needs to be out there alone. She’ll need to know how to cook up a roast or stew or deer dog. She’ll learn to like these foods too, after all, they’re pretty good for you and your husband spent all that time getting it for you … (He had to, there were no other deer besides that buck … )

A Schoff woman loves her family. She loves every day she gets and she won’t forget to use it. She’ll be there if you need her to be. She’ll help hang a deer, she’ll help throw out a line. She’ll enjoy those stories. She’ll enjoy when you come home. She won’t want to be home, if you are not. You can learn a lot about love from watching a Schoff woman, because she knows that it’s not always easy to love you, but she can’t help but do it.

Alta Schoff loved a great man. It comes as no surprise that she would soon join him on his last fishing trip. When you spend that much time with someone, how could you be without them? May we all endeavor to find and keep a love like theirs ❤

A Schoff woman will miss another Schoff woman she feels lucky enough to have known.

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