In my opinion, election day is something very special in our country. While more and more countries are becoming democracies, more citizens around the world are finding their voices, we have long had the right to choose who will lead our country and how we would like to see our country governed. I think that is a special gift.

I’m proud to have been born in America. I’m proud of my brother, who fought in a war for freedom and my husband who fought in that same war. I’m proud of all of our military men and women who have fought, bled and died for something they believed in, something they swore to serve and protect.

What I am not proud of is how our country has treated veterans in the past decade. While there are many who revere them, there are some in our government who have been taking away what they’ve earned. They’ve chosen to let evil thrive in a country that our soldiers worked so hard to free.

I want my daughter to live in a country of freedom and I want her to live without fear. I believe that taking away her right to bear arms (even if I hope she never has to) is wrong. I want my daughter to be able to protect herself. I want to know that my husband can protect us both.

I believe that evil thrives when good men do nothing. If you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, then someone else has won this election.

I am a part of America’s working class. I am an educated woman. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I believe in our great country and I don’t want to see it fall further into disgrace. While we may not have a “perfect” choice this year, we do have a choice and we shouldn’t waste it.

A great president once said, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” We have become a selfish society. We want things fast and our way. Fixing our nation will not be easy, but we have to take a step today, in this election, to let the politicians know that we do care and we will not sit silently by. That we will stand up for what we believe in.

In this week when we celebrate our veterans and their service, ask one today who they would vote for. Ask them how they might like to see this country run. Consider those who have paid the ultimate price and honor their gift by practicing your right to vote.

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