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My Craft Show First and 6 Tips!

I recently shared a post with you, about finding your joy, and since then I’ve been putting my hands and mind to work creating things that make me happy. I hope they’ll make others happy too! Then I had the great idea … eh … to ask about joining in at a vendor show in my area, hosted by some friends. I learned a few things that I think might help others, so I’d like to share my knowledge …

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My Angels
  1. Know your vending event. Had I known that at this event, there would be beautiful live wreaths sold, just as they are every year, then I might not have wanted to focus on making my rag wreaths. Woops! Therefore, know who is selling at the event and what. It might help you to bring items that will sell faster.
  2. Have your crafts made (ehem) before you decide to join a vendor event. (Or your husband might think you are losing your mind as you start cranking out wreaths and crafts day and night after Lydia goes to sleep and before she gets up.) I have only recently found out how much fun I have painting and making wreaths, so I didn’t have a huge stock pile of goods, that meant a lot of work needed to be done quickly. The rush can take a little of the joy out of your craft and it adds stress. So I would highly recommend stocking up on what you plan to sell at least two weeks before the event … not five days. 😉 Along with this tip I’d like to add that you as a vendor should have a name! When I was asked what I called my shop I was was baffled. I hadn’t thought of that at all. I finally picked: Rural Mommy’s Wreaths.
  3. Bring a craft to work on. I kept busy by tying one of my wreaths. I’d cut the material the night before and when I left the event, not only did I have kind compliments on my work, but I also had a new wreath to keep or sell. Another vendor told me that it might make other people think that they could make one too, so why buy it? I really did like having something to keep me busy, something to catch shoppers’ eyes and interest, and it was almost a conversation starter. I’m glad I brought something to work on. Besides, now I have another great wreath!
  4. Don’t be discouraged. If you don’t sell a lot, as was my first experience, you shouldn’t give up. Of course there were a few times I sat there thinking, “This was so foolish of me! Why did I think I could do this? I’m not really ready.” But in the end, I knew I had taken my first step to putting myself and my art out there for others, and that’s pretty darn exciting 😉 . Which leads me to my fifth step …
  5. Learn from the experience! What did I learn? I should know my event. I also took time to look at other vendors and I watched how they interacted with shoppers. Some Displaying 20161113_150352.jpgof these vendors have been creating and selling for years, they have a lot of knowledge to give you, if you ask and listen. I took notes for myself, so that I wouldn’t forget important things later. Even if you don’t come home with huge monetary gains, if you learn something from your time, it’s still time well spent.
  6. Don’t give up. ❤ I came home with  a few wreaths on Sunday evening than I’d planned on. I was a bit let down. But I told myself these wreaths will not “go bad.” They are something I can give as gifts or use myself. As it turned out, because I’d shared what I’d made on FB (a great way to showcase your work to others), I was rewarded with interest in my wreaths and sales outside of being at a craft show.

So I must give a huge thanks to friends and family members who have supported me the past few weeks. ❤ You’ve encouraged me to be creative. You’ve given me time to spend on something that brings me joy and I couldn’t ask for a better gift for myself than this experience. Things don’t always turn out exactly how you plan, but if they turn out at all, then you you must feel grateful and keep trying. I’m pretty sure anything great was never accomplished in one try. I’d love to hear about your vendor experience in the comments below! Share what you’ve learned. 

Don’t give up on your joy, because you don’t want to lose a part of you ❤

*If you’re interested in ordering a wreath, you can contact me through my FB page, I’d love to make something special for you!

P.S. Plan a wreath tying night with friends. This has become one of my favorite things to do lately. Lydia plays with a friend or checks out what I’m doing, I get to visit with girl friends, and in the end we all having something beautiful to be proud of.

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